How much HP does water/methanol injection add?

How much HP does water/methanol injection add?

It’s the optimized controls of the Boost Cooler system (ramp rates, pressure activation) that make this percentage of methanol injection even possible, and with peak gains of 74 hp and 164 lb-ft at a safe 50/50 mix, the potential of this sophisticated system is proven.

Does water injection really work?

Typical pulse jet engines have extremely poor fuel efficiency, specific fuel consumption, and thrust. Water injection has been proven to use the waste heat that causes a pulse jet to glow red hot and convert it into thrust. It cools the engine, it pulls more air in, and it reduces pollution.

What is Snow Performance methanol injection?

The Snow Performance Stage 1 Boost Cooler water methanol injection kit is available for all forced induction applications (Supercharged/Turbocharged) and uses a adjustable boost switch to inject a fixed amount of water methanol into the system until boost goes below the switch set point.

What does snow performance do?

Snow Performance Boost Cooler(r) is a featured product in a supercharger information section as a great way to reduce intake air temps and increase power – race gas performance at pump gas prices!

Do you need to tune for water/methanol injection?

It’s fine. The purpose of re-tuning is to take advantage of the ability to advance timing more with the meth. Otherwise it’s basically just another level of safety since it’s cooling the intake charge.

Does water injection increase mpg?

If you’re reluctant to tackle piston replacement, you can still enjoy an approximately 20% MPG improvement by installing a water injection system on your stock engine.

Is methanol injection bad for your engine?

Post-Intercooler IAT sensors monitor the temperature of air going into an engine, and can automatically advance ignition timing and lean out air/fuel ratios due to cooler intake temps of water/methanol injection. This cause-and-effect scenario can create more horsepower, but may also damage an engine.

Does methanol injection increase mpg?

A combination of water and methanol is sprayed into the intake of the engine. Resulting in high combustion efficiency; water/methanol injections achieve increased fuel economy and lower emissions – as mentioned above – as well as less regens and a cleaner running truck.

Is methanol bad for your car?

Methanol will destroy the aluminum in your engine by causing it to oxidize, or basically rust. Methanol does this by destroying the aluminum-oxide coating on the surface of the aluminum, this causes the aluminum to oxidize again once exposed to oxygen and form a new layer of aluminum-oxide…. over and over again.

How do you adjust a snow performance boost switch?

boost. To increase the activation point, one (1) full turn clockwise will increase switch pressure by about 2psi. To decrease the activation point, one (1) full turn counter-clockwise will decrease switch pressure by about 2psi.

Where is Snow Performance located?

Water methanol injection system manufacturer Snow Performance, located in Woodland Park, Colorado, has been acquired by Nitrous Express (NX).

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