How much is hostel fees in VIT Vellore?

How much is hostel fees in VIT Vellore?

Hostel Fee For Indian Students: Rs, 44,548 – Rs. 1,14,748. Refundable Deposit: Rs. 15,000.

What is the total fee of Vit including hostel?


S.No. Specification of fee Fee
1 Admission Fees (One Time payment) INR 10,000
2 Caution Deposit (Refundable) INR 3,000
3 Total fees to be paid for first year INR 1,98,000 (includes tuition fee per annum)

Do foreign students study in Vit?

VIT provides education to students not only from India but also from abroad. The growing number of foreign students on campus to pursue their education and research stands as a testimony to VIT’s transformation into an International Institute.

What is the annual fees of VIT Vellore?

It should be noted that the VITEEE fee structure 2022 will be different for each group….VITEEE Fee Structure 2022 – Group A.

S.No Particulars Fee
1 Tuition Fee (per annum) Rs. 1,73,000*
2 Caution Deposit (Refundable) (One time payment) Rs. 3000
Total fee to be paid for the first year Rs. 1,76,000

Is phone allowed in Vit?

Students are advised not to keep large amounts of cash or valuables like gold, costly wrist watch/laptops/cell phone, expensive jewellery etc., in their rooms. 15. Hence, students will not be permitted to stay as day boarders outside the campus until the completion of the course unless parent stays with them.

Does VIT offer international placement?

Career Development Center has been instrumental in providing international internships and placement offers since 2015. They have placed at an average of 10 students every year in leading MNC’s at USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, China, Israel, Taiwan, UAE, Kenya, Germany, Nigeria and Italy.

How many international students are in VIT?

With 1400 international students from 53 countries present, VIT offers diverse culture that helps foreign students to adjust very fast.

Does Vit give laptop?

No, they will not give laptop at admissions process. It must be purchased by your own, but if you require a concession or any sort of loan in such circumstances, they would gladly assist you. HP Envy 6JU52UA.

Can I wear shorts in Vit?

For boys, you can wear shorts anywhere to the campus except the Library. But, you can’t attend classes wearing shorts, most of the times the guard will stop you at the gate of the academic block. For girls, you can wear short inside your hostel campus, but you can’t leave your hostel wearing that ( 99.99% of the time).

How many hostels are there in the VIT Vellore campus?

VIT, Vellore campus has 24 Hostels. Out of which 18 blocks are boys’ hostels and the rest are girls’ hostels. The blocks, in total, cater to over 22,000 residents every year.

Does VIT Vellore provide fee waiver for viteee students?

Yes, VITEEE rank holders of 1 to 50 are provided with 75% tuition fee waiver for all four years. Additionally, VITEEE rank holders of 51 to 100 are provided 50% tuition fee waiver for all four years and VITEEE rank holders of 101 to 1000 are provided 25% tuition fee waiver for all four years. Question: What is the total fees of VIT Vellore?

What is the new fee structure of viteee 2020?

VITEEE fee structure 2020 will be different for the two groups of B.Tech programmes – Group A and Group B. According to the fee structure of VITEEE 2020, the tuition fee has to be paid every year while the caution deposit is a one time payment and is also refundable.

How to pay for mess upgrading in Vellore?

For Mess upgrading in the first half of the year, full differential has to be paid and if done in the second half of the year, 50% of the differential has to be paid. *All payments are to be made Online or in the form of crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Vellore Institute of Technology” payable at Vellore.

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