How old is Jane Bunn?

How old is Jane Bunn?

42 years (August 2, 1979)
Jane Bunn/Age

Why is Jane Bunn so popular?

Jane is rarely seen outside the Seven News studio or in such a relaxed atmosphere. She has a cult following among middle-aged men, who regard her as the most talented and beautiful meteorologist on television. One of the reasons why she is so popular is her age-defying appearance.

Who are Jane bunns parents?

Bev Jennings
Jane Bunn/Parents

Where was Jane Bunn born?

Ballarat, Australia
Jane Bunn/Place of birth

Where does Jane Bunn live now?

Personal life. In 2006, Bunn married Michael, an IT consultant, and the couple live in Melbourne.

What suburb does Jane Bunn live in?

Personal life In 2006, Bunn married Michael, an IT consultant, and the couple live in Melbourne. Jane grew up in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs and attended Firbank Grammar School during her high school years. She supports St Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League.

How much money does Jane Bunn earn?

Jane earns an annual salary of about $65 thousand. Her major source of income is her career as a meteorologist and weather presenter.

Is Jane Bunn from Channel 7 married?

Michael Bunnm. 2006
Jane Bunn/Spouse

Is Jane Bunn single?

Personal life. In 2006, Bunn married Michael, an IT consultant, and the couple live in Melbourne.

Who is Amelia Broun?

Amelia Broun is a senior reporter at Seven News and has been a journalist for 10 years. Amelia began her career in Perth before moving to Geraldton for a regional stint.

Who is Jane Jane Bunn married to?

Jane is a married woman. She is married to Michael Bunn. Michael is an IT consultant. The couples tied their knot in 2005. The couples have been married for more than a decade. We can often see her husband’s photo on her social media.

Who is Lisa Bunn’s husband?

Bunn, 36, is married to her long term boyfriend Michael in 2005 who is an IT consultant by his profession. It’s been 11 years of their marriage, but there is no any news related to their divorce. The blissful couple has not welcomed any children yet.

What does Jane Bunn do for a living?

Jane Bunn is mostly recognized for her work on the Seven News Melbourne program. She is also known for having worked as a weather presenter on WIN News Victoria and ABC News Breakfast. Having worked on the media for more than a decade Jane Bunn salary, earnings, income, and net worth is amazingly huge.

Is Australian meteorologist Jane Bunn married?

Australian meteorologist Jane Bunn is one of those few as she has claimed her position as a well-acclaimed journalist. She forecasts the weather for Channel 7 News Melbourne and balances her married life. Yes, she is happily taken and rejoices every time she gets to be with her husband.

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