How old is Terry Moore?

How old is Terry Moore?

92 years (January 7, 1929)
Terry Moore/Age

When was Terry Moore born?

January 7, 1929 (age 92 years)
Terry Moore/Date of birth

Was Terry Moore married to Howard Hughes?

Howard Hughes died in 1976, and Moore’s former manager, who had become a television anchorman, revealed on his show that Moore had married Hughes on a yacht in 1949. The ceremony was conducted by the ship’s captain and recorded in the log, which Hughes later destroyed in the presence of witnesses.

How tall is Terry Moore?

5′ 2″
Terry Moore/Height

Did Terry Moore have children?

Grant Cramer
Stuart Warren Cramer IV
Terry Moore/Children

Is Terry Moore a Mormon?

Born January 7, 1929, in Glendale, California, as Helen Luella Koford, Moore grew up in a Mormon family in Los Angeles, California. She worked as a child model before making her film debut in Maryland (1940).

Who is Howard Hughes married to?

Jean Petersm. 1957–1971
Ella Botts Ricem. 1925–1929
Howard Hughes/Spouse

Who were Howard Hughes’s wives?

Howard Hughes/Wife

Who inherited Howard Hughes estate?

After seven weeks of testimony, some of it carried out in a circus atmosphere, the show finally closed tonight when a Harris County Probate Court jury decided that the paternal heirs are three granddaughters of Hughes uncle, Rupert Hughes, and two of the uncle’s stepchildren.

What did Katharine Hepburn think about Howard?

Hepburn once said, “I think Howard could understand me better than he could understand himself. Howard was the most purely passionate relationship of my life. Perhaps it was because it was a passionate age for me.” Hughes proposed to Hepburn more than once, and in 1938, gave her a diamond and emerald engagement ring.

What happened to Howard Hughes wife?

In 1971, Jean and Howard divorced. In 1976, Howard Hughes died an eccentric recluse. Terry Moore, the secret wife who he never officially divorced, fought successfully to be recognized as his widow. She received a multi-million dollar settlement from the Hughes estate.

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