How reliable are handicare Stairlifts?

How reliable are handicare Stairlifts?

The stairlifts have been reviewed at 4.6 out of 5 and customer service is 4.5 out of 5, this is higher than both Stannah Stairlifts and Acorn Mobility who have a score of 3 out of 5.

How do you reset a handicare stairlift?

NOTE: If the display is showing anything but the diagnostic codes listed then it requires resetting. To do this, drive the stairlift away from the top or bottom stop. Turn off the power supply at the wall. Turn the main switch on the unit off for 10 seconds and then back on again.

Are companion and handicare the same company?

Companion Stairlifts, owned by Handicare, sell and install their stairlifts nationwide. Their dedicated team provides customer assistance every day of the year, 24 hours a day, and they offer emergency fitting throughout the UK.

Where is handicare based?

Stockholm, Sweden
Handicare is a global company with sales in more than 40 countries and is a market leader in this field. The head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. Manufacturing and assembly are located at four sites across North America, Asia and Europe.

Why is my stairlift not moving?

If your stairlift isn’t moving, firstly check it is receiving power: double-check the on/off switch and the master power switch, then turn the key from the off to the on position. Next, check that the chair is swivelled fully to its travelling position and ensure nothing obstructs the safety edges.

Can you fit a stairlift yourself?

DIY installing a used stairlift is not advisable. There are many safety features to consider which unless you are a trained fitter you will not have knowledge of. A stairlift fitted incorrectly can result in serious injury and harm.

How do you turn on a stair lift?

Turn the power key to the off position and then back on. Move and hold the control in the direction of travel for a few seconds after which the stairlift should start. If the stairlift still doesn’t work at this point call your local branch.

How easy is it to remove a stairlift?

Stairlift removal is a quick and easy task which can be carried out by one of our highly skilled technicians. Stairlifts should only be removed by a trained professional because attempting to remove one yourself might result in damage to the fixtures and fittings.

Is there a manual for the Handicare 1000 stairlift?

Thank you for choosing a Handicare stairlift. This manual is for the HANDICARE 1000 lift type, and includes instructions for the standard features and optional upgrades. USER MANUAL 1 1 7 8 2 6 4 5 3 N Automatic Swivel Powered Footrest Folding hinge Folding hinge (manual) SR SR XLSR XXLSET 2 USER MANUAL F WN

How do I use the stairlift?

When the stairlift reaches the top of the stairs continue to hold the operating toggle in the up direction. The stairlift will beep three times and then the seat will swivel. When the seat is fully swivelled to 90 degrees the seat will stop.

What standards do minivator stairlifts comply with?

All Minivator stairlifts are built and tested to conform to the European Standards – EN 81-40:2008 as well as ISO 93862. They also carry the CE mark. Handicare are audited regularly to ensure we continue to conform to ISO 9001 and this provides you with the assurance of using a high quality and well manufactured product.

How do I use the swivel levers on my stairlift?

If your stairlift is fitted with an optional power operated swivel there is no need to use the swivel levers fitted. In order to swivel the seat hold the operating toggle in the up direction. When the stairlift reaches the top of the stairs continue to hold the operating toggle in the up direction.

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