How strong is Hulk at his angriest?

How strong is Hulk at his angriest?

While the answer to the first question is a cautious maybe, the answer to the latter question is an emphatic yes. In fact, the Hulk can lift in excess of one hundred tons at the peak of his rage, as Marvel has indicated in several of their handbooks.

What does Hulk do when he’s angry?

Banner/hulk is triggered by Emotional stress. They are seperately charrectergerized by hulk and bruce banner. The hulk comes out only when bruce is angry or his heart-rate is jacked up. His behavior is uncontrollable and he’s driven by anger.

How does Hulk get angry?

According to the Watcher, the Hulk’s rage is actually directed inwards rather than outwards – it is an expression of self-loathing. If the Watcher is right, the real reason for the Hulk’s anger is simply because he desperately wants to think but cannot, and hates himself for his lack of intellect.

Does Hulk get bigger the angrier he gets?

The amazing thing about the Hulk is that unlike nearly every other superhero ever created, the Hulk’s strength has absolutely no upper limit. But the angrier he gets the stronger he gets, and if the Hulk is really pissed, then he can lift anything, including mountains, or even planets!

What is Bruce Banner’s secret?

Originally Answered: What did Bruce Banner mean when he said his secret was that he was always angry? Banner is normal when he is not angry, but hulks up when he gets angry. So the only way he can control is when he gets used to that anger or more precisely his anger becomes his coolness or his normal attitude.

What is the Hulk syndrome?

The American Psychiatric Association (2013) defines Intermittent Explosive Disorder as “recurrent behavioral outbursts representing a failure to control aggressive impulses.” These outbursts appear as a verbal tirade and/or physical aggression. The outbursts are impulsive in nature and not premeditated.

What is savage Hulk?

Savage Hulk is an alter-ego of the popular anti-hero known as Hulk, it is Hulk’s most aggressive and deadly alter-ego (outwith the truly heinous ones, such as Devil Hulk or Kluh) but also his least intelligent: while under the influence of Savage Hulk all remorse and reason is removed from Hulk and he becomes a savage …

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