How to bring a spark in your relationships?

Be honest. Would you say your love life needs a boost? If you’re single, are you getting bored hanging around the same old bars and clubs, coming across familiar faces, and never really connecting? Perhaps you’re already in a relationship, but things have become predictable. You go on a date. Your favorite spot. Go home. Missionary position. Maybe think of excuses to go straight to sleep? Sounds like life is slipping you by! Whatever your situation, do you dream of injecting it with some erotic electricity? Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to try out something exciting, fulfilling, and different? Have you considered kinky dating? There’s so much more to this wonderful dimension than the glimpses of ‘BDSM’ you might have caught at the movies (especially if you’ve seen Fifty Shades!) Here’s your guide to the ultimate way of putting a spark into your love life.

What is kink?

Question number one. What does BDSM even stand for? The main reason people choose to use the shorthand or acronym is because the full description is decidedly un-sexy. Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. That sounds like a high-scoring Scrabble game! Seriously, BDSM, kinky dating, or just ‘kink’ for short, is all about introducing darker, dangerous elements into the bedroom. In cases where there are two people involved, one might assume the role of the master or ‘dom’ while their partner will be the ‘sub,’ or submissive person. Now they can perform, issuing punishments such as rougher sex, spanking, whipping, tying up, or various other forms of corporal punishment. Here’s a tip. Pop a URL into your browser, like This will provide access to a handy reference tool for anyone seeking to find out more about kink. You can check out reviews of the best BDSM websites and apps. What do they offer members? How user-friendly are they? A link will take you to homepages where you can register and start interacting with kindred spirits. This would provide a relaxed and seamless introduction to BDSM.


Will it be good for your relationship?

The quick answer to that question: why not? You’ll never know until you try it! There’s so much sage advice about not regretting the things you’ve done (and which you can never change anyway) – the biggest regrets will be the things you didn’t dare to do. Keep an open mind about everything, not just the potential to introduce these sexy undercurrents into your partnership. Get adventurous in other areas of life. Live a little! If you’re into gaming, do you get hot and bothered when things don’t go well? Avoiding this by knowing how to keep cool will allow you to make the most of this pastime. The same can be said for any aspect of your leisure pursuits. Don’t jump to the conclusion that just because there are elements of secrecy and subterfuge about BDSM, it must be something to be wary of. With a calm, measured approach to kink, you’ll soon become addicted!


Rules for safe kink

If you’re new to all this, the thought of delving deeper into these forms of erotic encounters might seem daunting. It needn’t be at all. At the end of the day, BDSM get-togethers are people having fun in a way that is spicier than the average. Once you become familiar with the different aspects of this form of interaction, you’ll soon wonder why you might have once had hang-ups. You can have so much fun entering into these discreet trysts. Make sure you agree on the limits beforehand, but once you do, you can begin your journey in earnest. Check out the different sex toys and BDSM apparatuses you might consider adding to your repertoire to increase the pleasure. Go online and collaborate, deciding which particular mask, whip, paddle, handcuffs, or other forms of bondage gear would suit you. After a while, you might gather quite a collection of these! The golden rule is to always observe discretion. Choose a room in your home where these bits and pieces can be safely hidden away. You don’t want friends or family to get the wrong idea when they drop by for an impromptu visit!


Tips for making the most of kinky dating

To conclude, always have a pre-determined safe word to give a clear message that any aspect of your BDSM encounter (the official term is ‘session’) has crossed a line. As soon as you are uncomfortable, or perhaps have found their administration of corporal punishment way too vigorous, the power is in your hands to stop this immediately. Never be reluctant about taking this course of action – in the longer term, it will cement the tremendous bond there is between you. Your partner will understand completely, and this will give you a newfound respect for each other.

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