How to get an antipope ck2?

How to get an antipope ck2?

Secular rulers can appoint a vassal bishop as an antipope, if:

  1. the ruler is independent and at least duke tier.
  2. the ruler does not control the true pope.
  3. the ruler can spend 500 Prestige.
  4. the bishop is at least count tier.
  5. the bishop likes the ruler more than the pope.
  6. the bishop is not subject to Papal Investiture crown law.

Can you Vassalize the pope CK3?

CK3 De Jure Vassalisation of the Pope The Pope is a king level title, so before you can offer him vassalage you will need to be emperor rank. He will also be unlikely to accept unless you are also his De Jure Liege, which usually means holding the Kingdom of Romagna along with your empire title.

What antipope means?

antipope, in the Roman Catholic church, one who opposes the legitimately elected bishop of Rome, endeavours to secure the papal throne, and to some degree succeeds materially in the attempt.

How do I get rid of anti pope?

If you press your anti-pope’s claim on the Papacy the old pope becomes an anti-pope himself. You should then assassinate him to get rid of the claim. If you don’t assassinate him there is a chance that he’s made a bishop somewhere where he’s exiled and then the claim will continue on.

What is free investiture?

This means that if you have Papal Investiture you will be unable to affect who your bishops are. If you’ve got Free Investiture you’ll be able to appoint the successor to any bishopric that is your direct vassal, and every subject within your de jure kingdom will be able to do the same.

Can you usurp the pope ck3?

If you want to be less nice, you can usurp the Papal States, establishing the Kingdom of Romagna… and eating an excommunication in the process, if you aren’t already. The Duke of Spoleto owns enough territory to usurp the Papal States by himself.

How do I make a religion in ck3?

Once you’ve accrued a decent amount of piety, it’s time to start forming your faith. In the bottom right hand on the screen, to the right of your character avatar, you’ll see three tabs. Open the one in the middle, then choose the option at the bottom of this new tab that reads “Create new [your religion] faith.”

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