How To Get U.S. Citizenship

For many years, the United States has been at the top of the list of the most popular countries for immigration. Millions of people want to obtain an American passport to improve their standard of living. Today several ways allow you to do this legally. That’s what today’s article will talk about.

American Citizenship: Pros and Cons

Before discussing ways of gaining citizenship in America, you need to understand if this step is necessary for you. After all, this procedure has not only its pros and cons. The main disadvantages of American citizenship include the following:

  • High cost of obtaining (the cost of the state fee for processing documents and going through the biometrics procedure is about $725);
  • High-income taxes (as one’s income increases, one will have to pay an amount that ranges from 10 to 37% of one’s total earnings as taxes);
  • A visa is required to travel to some countries.

American citizenship (read more about it here: provides significantly more advantages. For example, one of its main advantages is social guarantees. The American government takes care of its citizens, providing them various benefits. Residents of this country can get unemployment benefits, grocery benefits, social security disability insurance, child care subsidies, and many others. Other benefits of citizenship in America can be found in the table below.


Free Travel If you are a U.S. citizen, you have the right to enter almost any country in the world without a visa. As of today, there are about 180 countries to which you can fly for tourism without opening a visa. They include Canada, Japan, and all the countries of the European Union.
Legal Employment A person can get a job in any company with U.S. citizenship and work there absolutely legally. At the same time, s/he will have access to a social package, as well as a high salary.
Reduced tuition fees In the U.S., higher education can only be obtained on a fee basis. Education in college or university will have to be paid depending on the length of the program. Often the sums are quite considerable. However, there are special discounts and special educational loans for U.S. citizens.
Affordable credit People with a U.S. passport can qualify for a loan with an interest rate between 1 and 10 percent. This loan can be used to buy real estate and pay for education.
No mandatory military service The United States is one of the few countries that does not require military service. Men and women can serve only on a contract basis. It is important to note that the profession of the military is especially revered. After all, there are special benefits for military personnel, as well as special rights to material, medical, and pension benefits.


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Ways to Become a U.S. Citizen

If your desire to acquire U.S. citizenship is strong enough, you should move on to selecting methods. You can become a U.S. passport holder in five main ways. The simplest of these is by birthright. A child born in or outside of the United States to American parents can expect to receive citizenship. However, if you are an immigrant or want to move to America legally, you will need to use other methods:

To begin with, we should deal with the first method – naturalization. It implies the acquisition of citizenship by persons who have lived in the country for an extended period as permanent residents. The basis for issuing a passport or green card can be formal employment or the presence of relatives who are already U.S. citizens. You can submit the Department of Justice application five years after you receive your residency status.

Another option available to everyone is obtaining citizenship through a green card. It can be won by taking part in the drawing that is held annually. If you are already a green card holder, you can start the procedure of obtaining an American passport after five years of residence in the country. It is worth noting that the department of state green card can be applied by only those who are:

  • employees in science, art, business, sports, etc.;
  • Managers and executives of large companies;
  • spouses, children under 21 years of age, parents, or siblings of a U.S. citizen;
  • members of the profession with advanced degrees;
  • physicians;
  • refugees, etc.

Prominent investors are another category of people that can expect to receive citizenship after a green card. People who have invested $500,000 or more in a business project accredited by the government can obtain a legal basis for getting an American citizen card.

It is worth highlighting separately the possibility of obtaining citizenship through military service. Since the U.S. is actively developing its military activities, this option seems one of the easiest. To qualify for a U.S. passport, you must serve under contract for at least one year. If you have participated in military activities on the U.S. side at any time, you can qualify for citizenship. It is important to note that only those 17-42, male or female, who have completed high school education and good physical training can join the armed forces. The person must have a valid green card and be a fluent speaker of the language.


American citizenship is one of the most prestigious in the world. Many people dream of moving to the United States, as here they can expect a high salary and assistance from the state. The procedure for obtaining an American passport is quite complicated, but many immigrants believe it is worth the effort.

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