How to go to San Beda Manila?

How to go to San Beda Manila?

The best way to get from Manila to San Beda University is to train which takes 4 min and costs ₱15 – ₱30. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₱7 – ₱13 and takes 6 min.

When did San Beda became a university?

6 February 2018
Through four years of arduous work since the decision to become a university was made, San Beda’s university status was granted by the Commission on Higher Education on 6 February 2018. Fr. Maranan thus earned the unique status as the last Rector-President of San Beda as a college and the first as a university.

Who is the dean of San Beda College of law?

Virgino B. Jara
San Beda College of Law/Deans

Who is the first rector president of San Beda College?

Aloysius Ma. A. Maranan
Fr. Aloysius Ma. A. Maranan, OSB is the First Rector-President of San Beda University, and the 22nd Rector-President of then San Beda College, Manila.

Who is the dean of San Beda law?

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