How was propaganda used in the Spanish Civil War?

How was propaganda used in the Spanish Civil War?

During the Spanish Civil War, a mass of posters were produced by the republican Popular Front. The Nationalist party produced a significant amount less than that of the republicans. These posters were largely used for propaganda to promote the ideals of one party and to discredit those of its opposition.

What was the 15th International Brigade?

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade (Spanish: Brigada Abraham Lincoln), officially the XV International Brigade (XV Brigada Internacional), was a mixed brigade that fought for the Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War as a part of the International Brigades.

What is No Pasaran meaning?

The phrase ‘No Pasaran!’ (‘They shall not pass’) was widely used during the Spanish Civil War following Dolores Ibarruri Gomez’s famous ‘No Pasaran’ speech of 18 July 1936.

Why did people volunteer for Spanish Civil War?

Citizens of many countries around the world volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War (1936-‐39) because they saw it as an international ideological battleground upon which to further their own political and personal interests.

Why was the International Brigade formed?

Volunteers for the International Brigades came from over 50 countries across the world to help the beleaguered Spanish republic, many of them with bitter experiences of fighting against fascism and with personal scores to settle.

How many foreigners fought in the Spanish Civil War?

About 40,000 foreigners fought on the Republican side in the International Brigades largely under the command of the Comintern, and 20,000 others served in medical or auxiliary units. By November 1936 the Nationalists had advanced to the outskirts of Madrid.

Does CNT still exist?

Throughout its history, it has played a major role in the Spanish labor movement. Despite several decades when the organization was illegal in Spain, today the CNT continues to participate in the Spanish worker’s movement, focusing its efforts on the principles of workers’ self-management, federalism, and mutual aid.

What was the XV International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War?

XV International Brigade. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade, officially the XV International Brigade, was a mixed brigade (Brigada mixta) that fought for the Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War as a part of the International Brigades.

What is an International Brigade?

The concept of an International Brigade would soon capture the imagination of communists, socialists and other leftists in countless nations and inspire over 32,000 men and women from at least 52 countries to travel to Spain and serve in a foreign civil war.

When did the International Brigades become the Spanish Foreign Legion?

By decree of 23 September 1937, the International Brigades formally became units of the Spanish Foreign Legion. This made them subject to the Spanish Code of Military Justice. However the Spanish Foreign Legion itself sided with the Nationalists throughout the coup and the civil war.

When did Dave Springhall take command of the British battalion in Spain?

In Spain 28/1/1937 (PF. 39 030) First Political Commissar of the British Battalion in action. He replaced the promoted Dave Springhall. Took temporary command of the British Battalion at Jarama after Tom Wintringham had been wounded around 5 pm on 13/2/1937.

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