Is a 350 Cummins a good engine?

Is a 350 Cummins a good engine?

350 Cummins – The 350 Cummins and the Big Cam Cummins engines were reliable but not especially good on fuel economy. 380 Cat – This Cat diesel engine was strong, reliable, powerful and got decent fuel mileage. 3408 Cat – This Class 8 truck engine was strong, was about 450 HP but truly put out around 550 HP.

How much horsepower does a 350 Cummins have?

Product Specifications

Horse Power 350 HP
Engine Displacement 14.0L
Engine Size 6-CYL

How many miles is a Cummins 8.3 good for?

8.3L Cummins Life Expectancy The Cummins 8.3L diesel engines were given a life expectancy of 350,000 miles, but with proper maintenance, engine life could extend up to 500,000 miles. Some mechanics claim the engine could run up to one million miles with proper maintenance and repairs.

How many HP is a 855 Cummins?

Cummins 855 Big Cam History and Specs

Cummins 855 Specs Engine Data
Max Horsepower 605 HP @ 1800 RPM
Max Torque Ratio 1,118 ft-lbs @1800 RPM
Governed Speed 1800 RPM
Cylinders 6 Inline

How much HP does a stock 6.7 Cummins have?

4th Generation 6.7L Cummins Specifications (2010-2018)

4th Gen 6.7L Cummins Years: 2010-2018
DEF Tank Size: 5.5 Gallons
Governed Speed: 3,013 rpm (2007-2012 Models) 3,000 rpm (2013+)
Horsepower (Varies by year) 350-385 at 2800-3,013 rpm
Torque (Varies by year) 610-930 lb/ft at 1,500-1700 rpm

What is an 8.9 L Cummins?

Cummins ISL (8.9 L) Engines For Sale The Cummins ISL is a six-cylinder diesel engine that boasts a low weight, compact design, and highly efficient 8.9 liter configuration. The engine itself was designed to fill the void left by the discontinued L10, despite this, its characteristics align more so with the ISC.

How many HP is a 400 Big Cam Cummins?


What are the specs of a Cummins ISC engine?

ISC Vehicle Application Modification Cummins ISC 8.3 Specs Engine Data Weight 1630 lbs (Dry) Oil Capacity 6.3 Gallons Governor Speed Hydramechanical or PSG (2200-2500 RPM) Horsepower 240 – 400 hp @ 2500 rpm 179 -298 kW

What is the variable speed governor on a Cummins ISC?

The Automotive Governor and the Variable Speed Governor. The big engineering feat of the Cummins ISC 8.3 L was the ability to over-lubricate the engine and reduce the possibility of thrown rods or spun bearings. The frequency of oil changes was examined and then designed to dramatically reduce them to, on average, once every 15,000 miles.

What is the peak torque of the ISC engines?

Looking at the performance charts, all three engines delivered peak torque of 1050 @ 1400 RPM. However, the torque delivered at 2000 RPM at peak HP changed from 920 in the ISC350 to 1000 in the ISC380

What RPM is the isc380 at peak HP?

However, the torque delivered at 2000 RPM at peak HP changed from 920 in the ISC350 to 1000 in the ISC380 First edit/add after desertdeals69 comment below: The 3 HP ratings were all at 2000 RPM.

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