Is Arcadia a good study abroad program?

Is Arcadia a good study abroad program?

While prioritizing comprehensive student services, financial aid advice and scholarships, an intensive commitment to pre-departure and on-site guidance, and health and safety support, Arcadia is the smart choice in today’s changing international landscape.

Is Arcadia University a good school?

Arcadia University’s 2022 Rankings Arcadia University is ranked #44 in Regional Universities North. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Which university is best for going abroad?

Top Universities Abroad

  • #1. Harvard University Estd.
  • #2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Estd.
  • #3. Stanford University Estd.
  • #4. California Institute of Technology Estd.
  • #5. University of Cambridge Estd.
  • #6. Princeton University Estd.
  • #7. University of Oxford Estd.
  • #8. Yale University Estd.

What is the acceptance rate at Arcadia University?

73.6% (2020)
Arcadia University/Acceptance rate

What is the tuition for Arcadia University?

45,340 USD (2019 – 20)
Arcadia University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

What major is Arcadia University known for?

It is a small institution with an enrollment of 1,929 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Arcadia acceptance rate is 66%. Popular majors include Biology, Psychology, and Information Science. Graduating 66% of students, Arcadia alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $34,300.

Does Arcadia University give scholarships?

All Arcadia merit scholarships are automatically renewable from year to year provided the student remains full-time and in good academic standing according to University guidelines. Merit scholarships apply toward tuition costs only.

Is Arcadia University in a safe area?

Students at Arcadia University and in the surrounding area consistently report that they feel safe. Unfortunately, each year, some students are victims of certain crimes both on and off campus. Some common factors are the misuse of alcohol, drugs, leaving car doors unlocked and allowing strangers to enter buildings.

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