Is astounding a positive word?

Is astounding a positive word?

You can say you are astonished that one could be so stupid. Or your friend is astoundingly pigheaded. You could also use extraordinary in place of either word too, although you’d need to rewrite the sentence a bit. There’s no inherent positive or negative value to those words, it just depends on how you use them.

How do you use isodynamic in a sentence?

Her belief that her poetry can make artistic and philosophical truths isodynamic has posed a dilemma. Mineral separates were sorted by magnetic susceptibility using a Frantz isodynamic separator.

What is a good sentence for used?

Used Sentence Examples He used to be a pretty good mechanic. He is selling a used vehicle that is five years old. I’ll just have to get used to being idle.

What are some synonyms of astounding?

synonyms for astounding

  • astonishing.
  • breathtaking.
  • eye-popping.
  • mind-boggling.
  • overwhelming.
  • shocking.
  • startling.
  • surprising.

Is astounding good or bad?

Astounded often denotes a positive feeling, but it CAN be negative. It is a very strong word. Probably the strongest of the three.

Can dumbfounded be used negatively?

Dumbfounded: “greatly astonish or amaze: they were dumbfounded at his popularity.” (New Oxford American Dictionary) Although it doesn’t necessarily suggest a negative outcome, I think it does generally carry connotations of nonplussed bemusement. As others have already mentioned, there’s also appalled and nonplussed.

What is a sentence for chronometer?

Chronometer sentence example. The time of vibration is obtained by means of a chronometer , using the eye-and-ear method. The ship’s chronometer gives the date as being March 21st 3085.

What is the definition of isodynamic?

adjective. pertaining to or characterized by equality of force, intensity, or the like. noting or pertaining to an imaginary line on the earth’s surface connecting points of equal horizontal intensity of the earth’s magnetic field.

How do you use used to in a sentence?

For example:

  1. I used to have long hair (but now I have short hair).
  2. He used to smoke (but now he doesn’t smoke).
  3. They used to live in India (but now they live in Germany).

Was used in a sentence?

“She was an actress in her younger years.” “He was a star athlete in high school.” “Kevin was a pilot in the Air Force.”

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