Is CPR certification required in Texas?

Is CPR certification required in Texas?

EMS Providers in Texas usually need a Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR) certification at the Healthcare Provider level. Required skills include; Adult, child and infant CPR, AED, and use of a bag-valve-mask. Some EMTs’ may also need a First Aid course as well, but this is determined by the employer.

What is CPR and AED?

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure used if a person’s heart stops beating or breathing ceases. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device used to treat people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (heart attack), which is potentially fatal.

How do you get certified to teach CPR in Texas?

How to Become an AHA Instructor

  1. After being accepted by an authorized AHA TC, complete an Instructor Candidate Application for the TC before enrolling in an AHA Instructor Course.
  2. Have current AHA provider status in the discipline for that Instructor Course and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline.

Is CPR a graduation requirement in Texas?

A Texas law passed in 2013 requires all graduating high school seniors to complete a basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course before they receive their diploma.

How long do CPR certifications last?

2 years
As such, CPR certification is valid for 2 years from the date of being issued. Renewal class doesn’t take as long as the first-time CPR certification class, which makes complete sense since you already have the knowledge and skill and they just need to be refreshed.

Is Pro training CPR legit?

ProTrainings, LLC Response We are nationally accredited in the US in that we comply with that national CPR training guidelines that the *** helps to write. For that reason, our website and marketing clearly that we are “*** compliant” as we comply with their guidelines.

How old do you have to be to get CPR certified in Texas?

The AHA does not mandate a minimum age requirement for learning CPR. The ability to perform CPR is based more on body strength than age. Studies have shown that children as young as 9 years old can learn and retain CPR skills.

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