Is Google Finance available in Canada?

Is Google Finance available in Canada?

Though it was noted a bit earlier, now we’re really pleased to introduce Google Finance Canada, a localized version of Google Finance tailored specifically, as you might guess, for Canadian investors.

Is Google Finance discontinued?

A Google Finance mobile app was removed from the Google Play Store in 2015. Google Finance was relaunched in 2020 with tools to help users get started investing.

Who provides Google Finance data?

Google does not recommend using the data and information provided as the only basis for making any investment decision. Data is provided by financial exchanges and other content providers and may be delayed as specified by financial exchanges or other data providers.

What happened to Google Finance page?

Update: 3/26/2018 – As of March 19th, 2018, Google has officially discontinued the old version of Google Finance. Navigating to now redirects to the new version of Google Finance. For Google Finance diehards, Google has left the old version of Google Finance up at

Why is Google stock so expensive?

Is Google Stock Expensive? Most of Google’s ad revenue comes from advertising – it has a dominant market share in online search (Google), mobile OS (Android), and online video (YouTube), just to name a few. It struggled somewhat as did other ad companies, like Facebook (FB).

How good is Google Finance?

Google Finance is one of the best places to get a large volume of stock quotes and financial news as you explore your various investment options before investing your money. In addition to having a ton of outstanding information on thousands of companies, Google Finance also has an excellent Portfolio tool.

Is Google finance any good?

Is Google Finance data correct?

Google Finance can offer real time financial data that is accurate because they use a financial data feed from professional sources. Sites like offer members use of a financial data API that lets them select the information they want to see. Their financial data API is easy to use.

Where is my Google Finance portfolio?

Go to On the right, under “Your portfolios,” select a portfolio. Under your portfolio name, your portfolio value is displayed.

What is difference between GOOG and googl stock?

GOOG and GOOGL are stock ticker symbols for Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google). The main difference between the GOOG and GOOGL stock ticker symbols is that GOOG shares have no voting rights while GOOGL shares do. The company created two classes of shares in April 2014.

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