Is Havana safe to visit?

Is Havana safe to visit?

Havana is a city that is not considered too dangerous, and travelers should behave as in any other major city. Local authorities are doing their best to protect tourists from criminals since the city depends on tourism. Cuban police are everywhere, so you do not have to be afraid of criminals during the daytime.

Do and don’ts in Cuba?


  • Do dress down. Wondering what to bring to Cuba?
  • Do engage with the local population.
  • Do bring enough cash.
  • Don’t patronize luxury hotels.
  • Do patronize paladares.
  • Do bring back Cuban goods.
  • Don’t take pictures of the military or police.
  • Do immerse yourself in the amazing culture.

Can you use the US dollar in Cuba?

Can You Use the US Dollar in Cuba? Only Cuban residents are allowed to spend US dollars at the so-called “dollar stores” (“tiendas MLC”). As a traveler, you cannot use US dollars in Cuba since the Government is pushing for the de-dollarization of the economy.

How do u say hello in Cuba?

Greetings You probably already know that “Hola” is the Spanish word for hello. This is quite sufficient for greeting someone in Cuba, since it’s a fairly informal society.

Is Cuba a dangerous place to visit?

Cuba is not a dangerous place (for example hitchhiking is a normal daily mode of transportation and informal taxis are totally safe). There is very, very little violence anywhere in the country. If you take day trips or organized trips offered by tour agencies found in hotels, no worries at all.

What countries need a visa to visit Cuba?

Citizens of several countries may be required to carry an A-1 Visa to enter Cuba. For individuals holding passports from one of the following countries; Afghanistan, Bangladesh , Cameroon , Eritrea , Ethiopia, Ghana , Guinea, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Nepal , Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka , Syria, Yemen .

Is it illegal for an American citizen to visit Cuba?

It is still illegal for Americans to vacation in Cuba. However, there are two ways for Americans to travel to Cuba legally. If you qualify or book a trip to Cuba in one of these two ways, then you will be traveling to Cuba legally as an American. Support for the People Tour: This is the most popular way for Americans to visit Cuba.

Can US citizens still travel to Cuba?

TRAVELING TO CUBA IS EASY WITH CUBA UNBOUND. In laman terms: Individual US Citizens can still travel to Cuba on “people-to-people group tours”. US Citizens cannot travel alone and say they are on an “individual people-to-peopl tour.”. So you can come, you just have to join a tour.

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