Is it worth upgrading crankset MTB?

Is it worth upgrading crankset MTB?

If you like what you have, there’s no reason to upgrade. Higher end cranks are typically lighter, but sometimes the difference is more in the rings than the crank arms, but not always. If the rings are worn, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new crankset.

Can I use a MTB crankset on a road bike?

Condensed answer: It’s possible to install an MTB crankset on a road frame. The conversion will require an MTB bottom bracket because MTB cranks have a longer spindle/axle.

What size MTB cranks do I need?


Height Crotch height Crank Length
Under 152 cm Under 70 cm 165
Between 152 and 158.5 cm Between 70 and 74 cm 167.5
Between 158.5 and 174 cm Between 74 and 80 cm 170
Between 172 and 183 cm Between 80 and 86 cm 172.5

Does a lighter crankset make a difference?

Lighter crank and same saddle will be your best improvement. As for the saddle, it’s really a personal item and you really shouldn’t give up comfort for less weight.

Does changing crankset make a difference?

Upgrading your crankset typically means shedding grams, improving stiffness, and often getting much better craftsmanship and materials. Usually resulting in improved performance both under load and not under load.

Can I use MTB Rd on roadbike?

As long as they are designed with the same cable pull ratio, they are compatible, you can easily fit an MTB derailleur to a road frame. Front derailleur are sized accordingly to the chainring and whether the crankset is double or triple.

Can you put MTB groupset on road bike?

To move a mountain bike’s derailleurs or chainrings to a road bike, the derailleurs, chainrings, cassette/freewheel and shifters on the road bike must be compatible.

Are 165 cranks too short?

Shimano and other major component manufacturers, such as SRAM and Campagnolo, do offer cranks as short as 165mm at most groupset levels, and up to 180mm in some cases. Basically, Shimano thinks 170 to 175mm is the Goldilocks zone of crank length for most people and most bikes.

Why do MTB have longer cranks?

It’s the industry tradition and has served riders well for many years – taller riders need longer cranks for their long levers and smaller riders need something shorter.

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