Is Joe Bartlett leaving wor?

Is Joe Bartlett leaving wor?

Longtime iHEARTMEDIA News-Talk WOR-A/NEW YORK News Director JOE BARTLETT announced his retirement FRIDAY (2/21), telling listeners on LEN BERMAN and MICHAEL RIEDEL’s morning show that he will be exiting the station on APRIL 10th after 34 years fulltime and 40 years with WOR, counting his years as a stringer in ALBANY.

Who owns WOR radio?

Following the sale of WOR to Clear Channel Communications in 2012, most of the remaining programming on the WOR Radio Network migrated to Radio America.

What does WOR radio stand for?

WOR. Wake on Radio (low-power radio transceivers)

What station is WOR radio?

710 AM
WOR (710 AM) is a 50,000 watt class A clear-channel AM radio station owned by iHeartMedia and licensed to New York, New York.

Is Mark Simone of WOR married?

Mark Simone Wife and Married Life Sometimes becomes a dating expert to his social media followers and sometimes tweets about gay marriage, he is reported to be single and unmarried till the day because none of his girlfriend or wife has popped up on his social media accounts yet.

What nationality is Mark Simone?

Mark Simone/Nationality

What does WOR mean in Newcastle?

Wor: ‘Wor Lass’ means ‘our missus’, when a chap is referring to his wife. ‘Wor’ is the Anglo-Saxon word ‘oor’ meaning ‘Our’ the w has crept into speech naturally. Worky ticket – an annoying person.

Is WOR radio conservative?

It has followed a traditional and conservative programming policy, serving an audience that in the case of many WOR listeners has been loyal for decades.

Is Mark Simone still married?

How do I contact Mark Simone?

Mark Simone Email Address


What do Geordies call their grandparents?

English translation: granny, gran, nan

English term or phrase: diminuitive for grandma (UK version)
Selected answer: granny, gran, nan
Entered by: David Knowles

What kind of radio station is Worwor?

WOR (710 kHz) is a 50,000 watt Class A clear-channel AM radio station owned by iHeartMedia and licensed to New York City. The station airs a mix of local and syndicated talk radio shows, primarily from co-owned Premiere Networks, including The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

When did they stop playing music on WOR radio?

From 1983 to about 1985, WOR gradually eliminated music altogether, evolving into its current talk format. Past notable hosts include Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald, Arlene Francis, Long John Nebel, Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy, Bernard Meltzer, Barry Farber, Jean Shepherd, Bob and Ray, Bob Grant and Gene Klavan.

When did the first WOR radio station go on the air?

In 1941, WOR put an FM radio station, W71NY, on the air. WOR had been experimenting with FM broadcasts as W2XWI from its Carteret, New Jersey transmitter site from 1938. For most of its first two decades, W71NY, later WOR-FM, largely simulcast the same programming as WOR. In 1949, WOR signed on a sister television station, Channel 9 WOR-TV.

What happened to the pilot of the WOR helicopter?

WOR introduced live, on-air, helicopter traffic reports with pilot-reporters “Fearless” Fred Feldman and George Meade. On January 10, 1969, fill-in pilot/reporter Frank McDermott died when the WOR helicopter crashed into an apartment building in Astoria, Queens as he was broadcasting a traffic update.

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