Is KMC a good hospital?

Is KMC a good hospital?

All have bad infrastructure as compared to other hospitals. attitude of staff is very bad to patients. they not care to patients.

How many beds in KMC Mangalore?

KMC Hospitals, also known as Kasturba Medical College Hospitals (Mangalore) are two hospitals situated in Mangalore….

KMC Hospital, Mangalore
Beds 600 (KMC, Attavar), 250 (KMC, Jyothi)

How many bedded Hospital is KMC Mangalore?

KMC Hospital, Attavar and Government Wenlock Hospital and Lady Goschen Hospital are the undergraduate Teaching Hospitals of KMC, Mangalore. KMC Hospital, Attavar is a 600-bed multi-disciplinary specialty centre renowned for its medical expertise, nursing care and quality of diagnostics.

Is KMC a government hospital?

Unlike most medical colleges in India, KMC Mangalore is attached to both government and private hospitals.

What is the full form of KMC hospital?

What does KMC mean? Kasturba Medical College (KMC) is a medical college based in Manipal, Karnataka, India.

Is it worth studying in KMC Mangalore?

Yes, if you have the money it is a great college. The facilities are remarkable, and you will have the best time of your life.

Does Kasturba Medical College have government seats?

Yes, The kausturba medical college manipal has reserved seats under government quota. According to an analysis it has 50 percentage of seats reserved for private and the other 50 percentage of seats reserved for the government quota. A recent issue under this college was about as follows.

Who can provide KMC?

So mother should be provided some privacy for practicing KMC. To begin with, it may not be possible for the mother to provide KMC for a prolonged period of time. But each session of KMC should last at least an hour. The aim should be to provide KMC as long as possible preferably 24 hours a day.

What is the dress code for KMC Manipal?

There is no such dress code here in KMC. Boys need to wear formal shirt and pants, other than jeans and t-shirts, and with formal shoes.. And for girls anything other than jeans, skirts and all.

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