Is Lefkada town worth visiting?

Is Lefkada town worth visiting?

If you are looking for some of the best beaches in the world, Lefkada is the place to go. The island, which measures just 35km long and 15km wide, is home to incredible blue waters, sandy beaches and hidden pebbly coves.

Which is the largest Ionian Island?

Home of Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays, Kefalonia is the largest, most varied of the seven Ionian islands.

Is Lefkada in Kefalonia?

The 7 Ionian Islands So, the seven large Ionian Islands in Greece are Kefalonia, Lefkada, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Corfu, Paxos, and Kythira (in the southern part of Peloponnese), with many islets that are worth seeing which will be included in this ‘Best Ionian Islands to Visit’ or the blog posts to follow.

Where did the Ionians come from?

The Ionians are said to have migrated to western Anatolia from Attica and other central Greek territories following the Dorian immigration (c. 1000 bce) that upset the Achaean kingdoms on the mainland.

Which is better Zakynthos or Lefkada?

Lefkada is much less mass-touristy than Zakynthos. It has mountains, villages, beaches of every possible kind (huge & sandy, small & pebbly, quiet, busy, etc!), watersports, good walking & cycling, beautiful forests, etc. The people are very friendly even by Greek standards.

Is Lefkada pretty?

Known for the amazing landscape and the exotic water, beaches in Lefkada are considered among the most beautiful in Greece but also in the Mediterranean Sea.

What is Greece’s second largest island?

Euboea (3,655 km2)[SEE MAP] Hugging the northeastern coast of mainland Greece is the country’s second-largest island, Euboea. It’s the second-largest island in size, as well as in population.

What is Greece’s second biggest island?

The second largest island is Euboea or Evvia, which is separated from the mainland by the 60m-wide Euripus Strait, and is administered as part of the Central Greece region….Islands of Greece by size.

Island Crete
Greek name Κρήτη
Area (miles2) 3,219
Area (km2) 8,336

How do you get to Lefkada Greece?

You can reach Lefkada by ferry only from Ithaki, Kefalonia and Meganisi. Ferries arrive either on the port on Nidri or on Vasiliki port. Apart from using the public means of transport, the best way to reach easily and quickly your destination from any of these ports is by car or by taxi.

How do I get to Lefkada from Zakynthos?

There is no direct connection from Zakynthos to Lefkáda. However, you can take the bus and ferry to Patras, take the walk to Patras, then take the bus to Lefkáda. Alternatively, Joy Cruises operates a ferry from Zakynthos to Vasilikí 3 times a week, and the journey takes 6h 20m.

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