Is Lovato CNG kit good?

Is Lovato CNG kit good?

It`s a great difference as compared to the Diesel cars. The Lovato Gas kit cylinder, though consumed almost all the space of my diggy but the Centre of Gravity seems to be well balanced even at high speed( above 80 Kmph). There is just a slight smell of gas burning, which the mechanic said was normal.

What is sequence CNG?

A Sequential CNG Kit works the same way. It has a separate CNG gas ECM and multiple CNG Gas Injectors to control the flow and quantity of the CNG gas. These are installed just next to the petrol injectors on the engine cylinder head. The quantity of the CNG Gas is also monitored by the Vacuum Pipes installed.

What is OBD II CNG kit?

CNG (OBD II) Sequential kit. OBD is referred to On Board Diagnostics system.CNG OBD II Sequential kit is advance computer based conversion kit system designed with a dual objective of to reduce emissions by monitoring the air fuel mixture of engine and also monitor functioning of various components.

What is the difference between normal CNG kit and sequential CNG kit?

A conventional CNG kit is a basic setup where there is no computer or ECU to control the flow of gas into the engine. A Sequential CNG kit, on the other hand, can be installed on the vehicles having an electronically controlled fuel injection system only.

Which brand sequential CNG kit is best?

Italy and Argentina are currently the leading CNG kit importers in India with brands like Pelmag, Landirenzo, Tomasetto Achille, Lovato, and Lomani standing out as the best.

What is the cost of BRC CNG kit?

4 Wheelers BRC CNG Kit, For Petrol Vehicle, Rs 29999 /box A3 Ace | ID: 22806139633.

What is OBD1 CNG kit?

OBD-1. Gas Type. CNG. Kit Contain. Changeover Switch,Timing Advance Processor,Air Mixer,Emulator,Meter,CNG Refiling Valve.

What is Type 4 CNG cylinder?

Type 4 cylinders offer the lightest weight per unit volume of any CNG cylinder. Weighing only 30% of the weight of steel cylinders, they improve vehicle range, payload, handling, and fuel efficiency.

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