Is Madara in love with Hashirama?

Is Madara in love with Hashirama?

In the process of one battle, Madara bids goodbye to his friend Hashirama, confesses his love to him and impales his body with his sword.

Is Madara weaker than Hashirama?

Also, in the anime no indication was made aur shown that madara was weaker than hashirama. He was stronger than all the present five kages, also, he destroyed half the power of the alliance army. Madara uchiha, the most ferocious shinobi lost to First hokage Hashirama senju twice.

Is Hashirama stronger than Kurama?

Hashirama’s chakra is as strong as Naruto + half kurama. Naruto used kurama’s chakra to stop madara’s wood style. Because Kurama’s chakra is stronger than Sage Mode…

Does Madara hate Hashirama?

Now that’s cleared up, Madara hates Hashirama because they are in fact opposite clans that were at war. The Uchiha vs the Senju. Tobirama ends up delivering a fatal blow to Madara’s younger brother, Izuna. It was here when Madara’s hatred really developed to an undying hunger for power and carnage.

Can Hashirama beat Madara with rinnegan?

Madara was already in the same weight class as Hashirama with just his EMS, but now we give him both Sage Mode and Rinnegan. Because of this, Madara dwarfs Hashirama in speed, strength, durability, ninjutsu, and overall ability.

Why is Hashirama so strong?

b) Hashirama did use even Senjutsu. People with Sennin Mode can manipulate Nature’s Energy, too. This made him more powerful than his normal state. People who can manipulate Nature’s Energy become more powerful.

Is rinnegan Madara stronger than Hashirama?

Rinnegan madara surely defeats Hashirama but lets not forget that Madara has his rinnegan only because he stole Hashirama cells … So if they show a scene where Hashirama can still manipulate his cells (inside Madara) then there’s a chance that Rinnegan Madara loses … or else its a win for the Uchiha.

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