Is metro available to miyapur?

Is metro available to miyapur?

The Miyapur Metro Station is located on the Red Line of the Hyderabad Metro. The Miyapur Metro Station is terminal point of Corridor I….Miyapur metro station.

Line(s) Red Line
Platforms Side platform Platform-1 → LB Nagar Platform-2 →Train terminates
Tracks 2
Connections Terminal station

Is miyapur under Ghmc?

Miyapur is now part of GHMC, west zone.

How many metro stations are there in Hyderabad?

57 stations
The Hyderabad Metro is a rapid transit system, serving the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is the second longest operational metro network in India after the Delhi Metro (285 stations) with 57 stations and the lines are arranged in a secant model.

Is metro available to nagaram?

The GREEN LINE is the first Metro that goes to Nagaram in Malleshwaram.

Is Metro available in Kukatpally?

The Kukatpally Metro Station is located on the Red Line of the Hyderabad Metro. This station was opened to public on 2017. It is near to Big Bazaar, BJP Office, Omni Hospital, Sri Chaitanya Junior College, TSRTC Bus Stop, Reliance Digital and Indian Post Office.

Which is the biggest metro station in Hyderabad?

Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station
Ameerpet metro station is an interchange metro station between the Red Line and Blue Line of the Hyderabad Metro. The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is one of the largest metro stations in India with a sprawling premises over 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2)….Ameerpet metro station.

Opened 29 November 2017

Does kokapet come under Ghmc?

Apart from Manikonda and Shamshabad, gram panchayats are expected to become part of the city civic body, including Nizampet, Bachupally, Pragatinagar, Poppalguda, Kokapet, Vattinagulapally, Narsingi and Manchirevula. At present, HiTec City, Madhapur, Financial District and Gachibowli are part of Greater Hyderabad.

Is Metro available to nacharam?

These Metro lines stop near Nacharam: BLUE.

Which metro station is near to kothapet?

Chaitanyapuri station
The Chaitanyapuri station is the nearest one to Kothapet in Ranga Reddy.

Which station is near Kukatpally?

Major Railway Stations near Kukatpally Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India

Station Train Frequency Distance
(BMT)BEGAMPET 132 8.87 Kms

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