Is Seaward yachts still in business?

Is Seaward yachts still in business?

Hake Marine is the parent company of Seaward Yachts, which last year closed its Stuart, Florida, production facility and moved its molds to the Island Packet yard in Largo.

What happened to Seaward Yachts?

Production. The design was built by Hake Yachts of Stuart, Florida starting in 1985. The company later re-located to Largo, Florida, United States and was renamed the Starboard Yacht Company, when they bought out Island Packet Yachts. The Seaward 22 is now out of production.

How big is a daysailer?

The Day Sailer (also called the O’Day Day Sailer) is a day sailer for pleasure sailing as well as racing; it is sailed throughout North America and Brazil. Designed by Uffa Fox and George O’Day in 1958, the Day Sailer possesses a 6-foot beam, an overall length of 17 feet, a fiberglass hull and a cuddy cabin.

What is a day sailor boat?

A daysailer, day sailer, or dayboat is a small sailboat with or without sleeping accommodations but which is larger than a dinghy. Dayboats can be monohull or multihull, and are typically trailer-able.

Where are seaward sailboats made?

Largo Florida
All manufacturing for Seaward Yachts is now done at the Island Packet manufacturing facility in Largo Florida.

Are Island Packet good boats?

‘An Island Packet is first and foremost a cruiser. I like boats that are fun to sail, and it sails very well. If people like to sail and want to go cruising, Island Packet will be a great boat for them. ‘Many of our boats go long range cruising and are now spread all over the world.

How many people fit on a j22?

J/22 has a comfortable self-bailing cockpit with 7 ft. long seats and room for 4-6 people in the cabin to escape the rain or cold.

What is the best daysailer?

10 great daysailers

  • Tofinou 8 daysailer. The Tofinou marque has become synonymous with timeless and elegant lines above the water, combined with a modern underwater shape, efficient foils and an up to date rig.
  • Ex racing keelboat.
  • Seascape 27.
  • Drascombe Lugger.
  • Devon Yawl.
  • Wauquiez Optio 9.
  • Hawk 20.

How Well Do Island Packets Sail?

How much is an Island Packet 349?

With a price tag of $330,000 and a D/L ratio of 278, the Island Packet is the outlier in this group.”

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