Is Sobha City Gurgaon a good investment?

Is Sobha City Gurgaon a good investment?

Answer: Sobha City is the good project but the Dwarka Expressway market has seen dip in the real estate market you won’t expect good returns after investing. Sobha City offers 2 and 3BHK for Rs 1.09 – Rs 2.06 crore. Average price in this project ranges from Rs 7,900 – Rs 8,800 per sq.

How many flats are there in Sobha City?

Located in the Thanisandra, Bangalore, The Sobha City is a flawless blend of comforting & modern lifestyle. This residential property extends over an area of 36 acres featuring luxurious 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK flats of 508 units. The project is constructed by the Sobha Ltd.

Who is the founder of Sobha Apartments?

P. N. C. Menon
Sobha Ltd./Founders

Where can I invest in Bangalore 2020?

Top 5 emerging locations to invest in Bangalore in 2020

Localities Capital values per sq ft Average monthly rental values
Abbigere Rs 3,000-4,000 2 BHK – Rs 10,000 3 BHK – Rs 14,000
Seegehalli Rs 3,000-4,000 2 BHK – Rs 7,500 3 BHK – Rs 10,000
Nallurhalli Rs 5,000 – 5,300 2 BHK – Rs 17,000 3 BHK – Rs 20,000

Who owns Sobha City?

Sobha Ltd.
Sobha City/Parent organizations

Who is the richest man in Kerala?

chairman M A Yusuff Ali
Lulu group chairman M A Yusuff Ali tops the list as the richest individual with a wealth of Rs 37,500 crore. He is at the 38th position in the country. Muthoot Finance with a wealth of Rs 48,000 crore ranks first among business groups from Kerala.

Who is the owner of Sobha Apartments?

PNC Menon
Puthan Naduvakkatt Chenthamaraksha Menon or PNC Menon is an Indian-born Omani billionaire businessman hailing from Palakkad in Kerala. He is the Founder and Chairman of Sobha Ltd (Formerly Sobha Developers Ltd)& Sobha LLC.

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