Is Sona squishy?

Is Sona squishy?

Sona is very squishy and is prone to all ins. If you can force her near the wall, look to hook her with Q and then follow it up with E. The enemy is incredibly immobile early on. So if you let them push towards your side of the map, you can look for an all in.

Why is Sona so good?

Sona is excellent in team fights due to the added effects her abilities provide her allies with. All she needs to do is not die and stick with her team. She is a god during this phase of the game when it comes to team fights. She will need to be careful about getting picked off, though.

How good is Sona?

Sona Build 11.24 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 53.66% (Good), Pick Rate of 3.9% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.61% (Low).

Is Sona a good support 2021?

What lane should Sona go?

Since this season 11 Sona Build and Runes will help you deal Magic damage, you will be focusing on building support items to help enable your bottom lane carry, either through shield, healing or simiply providing peel.

How can I become a better Sona?


  1. Make sure to tag your allies while. Sona’s auras are active, but avoid getting caught out by enemies.
  2. Save. Crescendo for the game-altering moment.
  3. Well-timed uses of. Aria of Perseverance will grant you maximum survivability.

How do you play Sona effectively?

Playing Sona Sona needs to keep her allies healthy while poking the enemy as much as possible. Level 1: Play with your Passive – Power Chord giving additional damage after three uses of Q – Hymn of Valor to poke the enemy. Level 2: Use W – Aria of perseverance to heal your ally and keep him longer on the lane.

Why is Ashe so good with Sona?

Ashe’s abilties also synergize well with Sona, Ashe’s W slows targets which Sona then can cast Q and auto which will give you the winning trade as they will take more damage. Both ults are able to stun targets for a short period and stop enemy champs from running away.

How does Sona’s passive work?

Power Chord (Passive): This is Sona ‘s passive, after each ability that you cast will give a charge, max charges Sona hold’s is 3 and when it is active it will deal bonus magic damage to opponent’s. Hymn of Valor (Q): Send’s out two bolts to the nearest opponents but prioritizing champions over minions.

What is the best item for Sona to build?

After Moonstone Renewer, you generally want to build Staff of Flowing Water. This item is ridiculously good for so many reasons. You get movespeed and AP which are some of Sona’s favorite stats as she has good ratios and poor mobility. Afterwards, you can make the choice between Archangel’s Staff or Chemtech Putrifier or Mikael’s Blessing.

How do I deal with Pyke as Sona?

Nautilus will focus you in lane as Sona is squishy, try to stand behind minions to avoid getting Qed and stun during lane. Pyke will try to hook you and try to root afterwards as Sona is an easy target. Just like any other knockup champion, try not to get caught in his Q after stacked twice.

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