Is sulwhasoo serum good?

Is sulwhasoo serum good?

The serum is ranked #1 in the anti-ageing and serum category at department stores for six consecutive years, according to Nykaa. The exclusivity comes from its unique ingredients. It’s known for its anti-ageing benefits and comes with JAUM, a complex known to balance your skin. And the work is extensive.

How do you use Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum?

-Warm two to three pumps of First Care Activating Serum to palm of hands. -Begin applying serum in circular motions, starting with the nose area, and massaging evenly on the skin. -Using the palm of your hands, gently press the serum to cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, and chin until completely absorbed.

What does sulwhasoo serum do?

Formulated with five storied Asian herbs hand-selected by a team of lab researchers back in 1997, this serum-essence hybrid promises to hydrate, revitalize, and brighten the skin while smoothing fine lines and priming your skin for additional products.

Is sulwhasoo a Korean brand?

As South Korea’s premier luxury beauty brand and a symbol of the country’s culture, Sulwhasoo products are given as gifts to foreign dignitaries and celebrities who visit from around the world. Sulwhasoo grew out of a passion for holistic beauty, time-honored wisdom, and scientific innovation.

What does an activating serum do?

Purpose: Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX is an anti-aging product that claims to hydrate, balance, and revitalize skin. When and how to use: Pat onto skin immediately after cleansing (or after actives if/when you use those).

What is activating serum?

I is a serum that “activates” your skin and allows any other product you put on afterwards to be absorbed better. Overall my skin is healthier looking, less oily, and softer!

Is sulwhasoo anti aging?

Our #1 anti-aging serum formulated with the new JAUM Activator™, comprised of a potent blend of five Korean herbs, is designed to be the first step post-cleanse to nourish and turbocharge skin.

How do you know if Sulwhasoo is real?

“However, as AmorePacific Singapore is the official distributor of Sulwhasoo in Singapore, all products imported by us will have a sticker that reads: ‘imported by AmorePacific Singapore’. If the product does not have this label, there is a high possibility that the product may be a counterfeit.”

Who owns Sulwhasoo?

Amorepacific Corporation
Amorepacific Corporation is a South Korean beauty and cosmetics chaebol, operating more than 30 beauty, personal care, and health brands including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Etude, AMOREPACIFIC and innisfree.

Does sulwhasoo contain retinol?

A: Hello Mila, this product does contain retinol. A full list of ingredients can be found in the “Ingredients” tab. We recommend using this during the day in conjunction with an SPF.

Is sulwhasoo for older skin?

Supplementing its cutting-edge power, this smart cream targets the onslaught of ageing – dryness, saggy skin and dullness– through a facial image-defining concept. Wrinkle-prone areas are identified for the cream to begin smoothening from within.

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