Is the Ford Falcon a good car?

Is the Ford Falcon a good car?

The car has good power and excellent torque as previous Falcons had before it. The Falcon remains as far as I’m concerned a fantastic touring car and only very expensive large German cars would come close.

Is a barra a good engine?

The dual-overhead-cam Barra has become a hugely popular engine in Australia because of its massive horsepower potential and bulletproof strength, making it ideal for high-horsepower builds. There aren’t many other engines out there capable of such high power figures without an aftermarket block or head.

Is XR6 a V6?

Its 3.6-litre direct-injected V6 (below) still produces 210kW of power and 350Nm of torque, but the maximum kilowatts now arrive 300rpm higher in the rev range (at 6700rpm) and peak Newton metres are delivered 100rpm lower (at 2800rpm).

What is better Ford or Holden?

To date, Holden has taken the top spot at Bathurst a total of 32 times. Ford while slightly less at just on 20 wins still draws comparison to Holden. In fact, in every V8 Supercars statistic available, Holden exceeds Ford in every category from number of wins to the fastest laps of the competition.

Which is better Holden or Ford?

What Barra is best?

At the top of the Barra, the range was the turbocharged 325T FGX Sprint. With a much more impressive output of 420bhp, this engine was placed in the Falcon FGX XR6 Turbo Sprint that was capable of reaching 60mph in 4.5 seconds thanks to a 10-second overboost system.

Is the XR6 a good car to buy?

The car I bought was a 2011 XR6, which had done 30,000km at the time. It is a beauty. It handles beautifully, has a great amount of power and a lovely smooth transmission. The brakes are top notch, too.

How powerful is the Ford Falcon XR6?

The Falcon XR6 is the cheapest and most simple package in the XR range, which sees beefier offerings in the form of the XR6 Turbo and XR8. The 4.0-litre, six-cylinder engine of the Ford XR6 reaches peak power of 195kW at 6000rpm and torque tops out at 391Nm at 3250rpm. (The XR6 Turbo leaps up to 270kW at 5250rpm and 533Nm at 2000-4750rpm.)

When did the Ford XR6 first come out?

The XR6 has been a winner for Ford almost from the moment it was first introduced in 1992 with the EB Falcon. Today, it’s the XR6 that spells Ford performance, as much as any model in its range, it’s the affordable performance car for the masses.

How many XR6s to a XR8?

At launch of the XR6 and XR8, the marketing people expected to sell some 50 XRs each month, with a two on one ratio of eights to sixes. Best laid plans – sales are currently in the range of 260 a month and the mix is actually 4.5 XR6s to each XR8.

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