Is there a difference between HP ink 61 and 61XL?

Is there a difference between HP ink 61 and 61XL?

Are HP 61 and HP 61XL the same? The high yield and standard capacity cartridges are identical in shape and size, and both install the same way in your printer. The only difference is that the high yield version has more ink in its internal reservoir, which enables the XL cartridge to print a lot more pages.

Can I use 61XL instead of 63xl?

The 61 and 63 cartridges are not interchangeable. 1 of 3 found this helpful.

What printers are compatible with HP 61XL?

HP 61 ink cartridge works with HP ENVY 4500, 4501, 4502, 5530, 5531, 5532, 5534, 5535, 5539 and HP OfficeJet 2620, 2621, 4630, 4632, 4635.

What does XL mean in cartridges?

extra large
The shrinking amount of ink in cartridges has enabled manufacturers to offer a remarkable new product – called “XL” (extra large) but almost exactly the same size as the standard cartridge.

How many pages can HP 61XL ink print?

Mixed text and graphics

Cartridge1 Average yield2 Ink Volume3
HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge (CH561W)5 180 standard pages 3.5 ml
HP 61 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (CH562W)5 150 standard pages 4.0 ml
HP 61XL Black Ink Cartridge (CH563W) 455 standard pages 8.5 ml
HP 61XL Tri-color Ink Cartridge (CH564W) 310 standard pages 7.5 ml

How long does XL ink last?

The shelf life for an original printer cartridge is 24 months and the shelf life for a compatible cartridge is 36 months. Over time, ink dries out and settles inside the cartridge, which can cause your printer to clog.

Is HP 63 and 63XL the same?

The 63XL contains more ink than the 63, so it will last much longer. 1 of 1 found this helpful. Do you? XL just means the high ink volume, and can print more pages, helps reduce your printing costs.

What printers use 61XL?

What printers do HP 61 cartridges work with? The HP 61 ink cartridge works with a wide range of Deskjet®, ENVY® and OfficeJet® printers. Some of the more popular ones are the Deskjet 2540, the Deskjet 1000 series and the HP ENVY 4500 and 5530 series.

What is HP XL?

What does HP XL Ink mean? Most high yield ink cartridges include an “XL” after the cartridge part number. High Yield Cartridge: A high yield (also called high capacity) cartridge contains more ink or toner than a standard printer cartridge, prints more pages, and is more expensive than standard yield cartridges.

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