Is there a train from Athens airport?

Is there a train from Athens airport?

Athens airport railway station is located at the Departures Level and is connected to the main terminal through an overpass. Just follow the signs to “Railway Station” and you will get to the suburban train platform in only 3-5 minutes.

How much is a cab from Athens airport to downtown?

Approximate Taxi Fares from Athens Airport

Taxi Prices DAY TIME (05:00 – 24:00)
FROM ATH AIRPORT TO CITY CENTRE (inner ring) (fixed price) 38 €
FROM ATH AIRPORT TO ACROPOLIS (inner ring) (fixed price) 38 €
FROM ATH AIRPORT TO RAFINA PORT (Approximate fare) 30 €

How much is the train from Athens to Thessaloniki?

Trains from Athens to Thessaloniki The trip takes 6 hours. Enjoy a comfortable trip to Thessaloniki for the average price of 27 USD. Also, book your trip as far in advance as you can and get a discounted ticket for 23 USD. The train makes 16 stops.

Where can I buy metro tickets at Athens Airport?

airport station ticket booths
Subway Fares from Athens Airport You can purchase your tickets at the airport station ticket booths. On the other hand, if you are planning to wander around the city during your visit, you should buy a 3-day tourist ticket, valid for buses, metro and tram.

Does LYFT operate in Athens Greece?

Uber, UberX or Lyft do not exist in Greece. And with our passion for the world-famous Greek hospitality, we are dedicated to not only serve you with airport transportation and from-to all major ports, we also organize private tours around Athens and Crete to get you a local glimpse of the beauty of this country.

Is Thessaloniki worth visiting?

A city easy to love — Thessaloniki is home to fine food, rich history, stunning coastlines, and so much more. Vibrant and full of things to do, this Greek city houses Byzantine landmarks scattered through its ancient, yet modern terrain. Take a step back in time by day and spend your nights dancing at the latest clubs.

Is Thessaloniki cheaper than Athens?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Athens and Thessaloniki You would need around 2,706.21€ in Thessaloniki to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 2,800.00€ in Athens (assuming you rent in both cities).

How much is a taxi from Piraeus port to Athens airport?

Piraeus Taxi A taxi from Piraeus Port to Athens Airport costs 45 € during the day and 60 € between midnight and 5:00 a.m. Taxis from Piraeus Port to Athens Airport are the same price. The pricing is set and includes everything (VAT, tolls, lagguge cost, pets etc).

How do I get from Athens airport to the ferry?

Welcome Pickups is the easiest way to get from the Athens Airport to Piraeus or Rafina ferry ports. Bus to Piraeus Port: The X96 bus goes directly from Athens International Airport to Piraeus ferry port. It takes 45 to 90 minutes depending on the time of day and traffic. It costs €6.

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