Is Twyford school good?

Is Twyford school good?

In its most recent inspection, Ofsted has given Twyford Church of England High School an overall rating of Outstanding.

Is Twyford School private?

Twyford is a private school, and a registered charity. It accepts both day pupils and boarders, and has a pre-preparatory school on the same campus for children below the age of five.

Is Twyford a girls school?

“Twyford not only prepares girls and boys for their senior schools, but also, and more importantly, provides them with the skills and knowledge to be fine citizens in the modern world, whilst embracing traditional values.”

Is Twyford a nice place to live?

Unrivalled access to London and scenic village settings means that living in Twyford is a popular choice for many. Twyford might just be the place for you if you’re looking for a slightly slower pace of life than a city or large town. Embrace the community and an idyllic slice of village life whilst living in Twyford.

What are the names of the seven Twyford houses?

Twyford is organised into year groups each containing seven tutor groups, which are also members of the school’s seven houses: Truro, Wells, York, Fountains, Ripon, Durham and Canterbury. Each tutor group has its own Form Representative, Chapel Ambassador and Sport, Enterprise, Music, STEM and MFL representatives .

What is Twyford famous for?

Twyford was primarily an agricultural settlement until the coming of the railway in 1838 put it on the Great Western main line to the west and subsequently made it a junction for the Henley Branch Line.

Is Twyford a village?

Twyford is a village near Winchester in Hampshire within the western boundary of the South Downs National Park. Twyford is within the boundaries of Winchester City Council, and of course Hampshire County Council, as well as being under the South Downs National Park Authority.

Whats it like living in Twyford?

The Berkshire village offers an escape from the hustle and bustle while still being within close proximity to London, Reading and Maidenhead. And there’s plenty of restaurants, cafés and independent shops to enjoy too. Embrace the community and an idyllic slice of village life whilst living in Twyford.

Why is Twyford called Twyford?

The village’s toponym is Anglo-Saxon in origin, and means double ford. It is a common name in England. Twyford had two fords over two branches of the River Loddon, on the Old Bath Road to the west of the centre.

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