Is Vib-Ribbon a girl?

Is Vib-Ribbon a girl?

Character. Vibri is a vector-shaped angular female rabbit who enjoys singing. She appears in all of Vib-Ribbon, and is shown to be quirky and outgoing.

How to play Vib Ripple?

The player takes control of Vibri, the simple, vector-shaped rabbit from the game’s predecessor Vib-Ribbon. The game puts the player on top of various photographs, using each one as a trampoline. Jumping on a photograph loosens up 2D items called Peta Characters which Vibri must collect before a time limit expires.

Is Vib-Ribbon on ps4?

The graphics for Vib-Ribbon are simple, consisting of straight, white vector lines forming crude, angular drawings of the level and the player character, named Vibri….

Release PlayStation JP: December 9, 1999 EU: September 1, 2000 PlayStation Network NA: October 7, 2014 JP: October 8, 2014 EU: October 15, 2014

What is Vibri’s gender?

Vibri would be referred to as “she” in the EU manual of Vib-Ribbon, and in a 2010 Retro Gamer interview, Matsuura referred to Vibri as a she. With the exception of her torso and eyes, Vibri’s body is mostly 2D, in the same bane as a character like Mr. Game and Watch from the Super Smash Brothers series.

What animal is Vibri?

She’s a vectorgraphic rabbit with a wireframe-like rendering who wanders around the titular dimension avoiding obstacles, singing and even running at very high speed depending on a song’s tempo (the higher the tempo is, the faster Vibri will run).

How old is Vib-Ribbon?


How do you play custom music on Vib-Ribbon?


  1. Start PowerISO.
  2. From the dropdown arrow by “New”, select “Audio CD”.
  3. Drag some MP3 files onto the app.
  4. Click “Save”, and choose a filename and where to save (the same folder as your Vib Ribbon ISO is a good choice).
  5. You can now close PowerISO.
  6. Run ePSXe, and run your Vib Ribbon ISO as usual.

What animal is Vib Ribbon?

A: Vibri is the rabbit you guide along the ribbon created by the music. Q2: Argh she just turned in to a Frog, then a Worm! up from rabbit to queen-angel vibri, evolve back down to rabbit, frog and worm.

Does Vibri speak Japanese?

She has the ability to evolve into Queen Vibri (or Super Vibri) form which boosts her resilience and allows the player to gain more points. She is only ever heard speaking Japanese.

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How do you play a Vib Ribbon on a CD?

How did Vib-Ribbon work?

The game presents players with timed button prompts that match beats and tempos of overlaid music tracks. Vib-Ribbon’s gimmick was that you could swap out the original Playstation game disc with your own music CDs and the game would generate playable levels out of any song you choose.

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