New trends in the dating world

There are many reasons why digital dating is taking the world by storm. What could be more convenient than setting off on a quest to find a love interest from the comfort of home? Or wherever you happen to have access to a web browser. Another enticing aspect of this streamlined form of interaction is that it’s constantly evolving. New trends are always appearing on the horizon. Here are some of the hottest ones you should know about.

LGBT prefer online dates

Online matchmaking is a direct reflection of trends elsewhere in society. Inclusivity and acceptance of minority sexual orientations are becoming more prevalent. Naturally, the web resources available to members of the LGBT community are rising. Are you one of the many individuals who has ever asked the question, ‘Where can I find lesbian hookups near me?’ The answer lies at your fingertips. Literally. By registering with an LGBT hookup service you’ll instantly be put in touch with a diverse dating pool. These outlets use algorithms to give you the best chance of discovering someone compatible. This computer software can check out your details – likes, interests, motivations – then instantly assess which members in an extensive database would be most likely to tick your boxes. Discreet communication channels can ensure a connection can be made straight away. This dating trend equates to instant chemistry! Members of these websites can also take comfort from the privacy and secrecy they guarantee.


Treat a gap by dating younger people – theory of 180 dates with Kim Kardashian

Another growing trend is for individuals to look beyond their generation for partners. This is also known as 180 dating – finding comfort in a relationship with someone much younger (or older). An example is Kim Kardashian ditching Kanye West for Pete Davidson (13 years her junior). Millennials or Gen Z’ers prefer gaming as a hobby. On an age-gap dating website or app, you could easily flirty instigate conversations about favourite games. A useful icebreaker might be chatting about ways to keep cool while gaming. This could lead to suggestions for possible activities for a date, such as an evening enjoying games. Younger gamers are just as likely to be drawn to much older, sensual partners, as immature, predictable singles of their generation.


People prefer dating locally

Dating trends can be impacted by so many factors. In recent years, one of the most significant has been the COVID-19 pandemic. The introduction of social distancing and lockdown caused many to become much less confident about going into large crowds. Although restrictions are hopefully long behind us, there are still anxieties about mixing with strangers. This has meant getting familiar with local singles is a growing trend. For many, the handiness of going out with people from the same community has always been an attractive proposition. Digital matchmaking provides opportunities to tailor the type of person you reach out to. Filters can be applied to your searches to capture potential partners living closest.


People messaging

Other trends include taking advantage of the optimum communication methods. Dating sites offer so many ways to touch base. Texts. Emails. Messaging in WhatsApp groups. Phone calls. Video chat. There are also forums and chat rooms. This all makes it so easy to interact with prospective partners. You can develop a rapport through direct messages, with room to step back and take your time. This is so unlike flirty conversations in real life where need to think on your feet (and sometimes blurt out the wrong things!) This way of getting to know someone better is also ideal for introverts. The relaxed atmosphere of these dating outlets is always conducive to open and honest discussions.


Other exciting trends

Finally, we’ve covered 180 dating, but there are many more, comprising a dizzying list constantly being updated. Breadcrumbing is a much less attractive prospect. The person you are interested in feeds you enough scraps to maintain your interest. Expect an upbeat message here. A text laden with heart emojis there. But the downside of this attention is that it’s usually artificial, just enough content to string you along. Just don’t expect any flirty texts or emails to lead anywhere. A far more exciting new term is oystering. Deriving from the expression, ‘the whole world is your oyster,’ this is a trend for post-breakup relationships. Instead of wallowing in the ‘what ifs,’ or sinking into low self-esteem, the impetus is to grab life by the horns. This trend is particularly favoured by older singles, perhaps going through separation, divorce or bereavement. Being way too young to consider a life of comfortable slippers and TV remotes, they’re more likely to discover a whole new lease of life, embracing the freedom of being young (at heart), free and single again!

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