Panoramic Aluminum Sliding Systems. Make Your Home More Spacious

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Summer, autumn, winter, and spring… Whatever the season and no matter how big our house is, we always want more… More space to spend time with friends or gather everyone, even distant relatives, for a family holiday. More space for everyday activities and favorite hobbies.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to re-plan a house or apartment. But there are several ways to change the visual perception of space and even expand the boundaries of the house, combine it with the outside world without lengthy coordination and redevelopment. One of them is aluminum sliding systems.

Sliding and Folding Accordion-Type Doors is an Element of Modern Architecture

Creating visually light interiors with the effect of open space, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the courtyard – all this has become the standard for designing not only office and commercial premises, but also private cottages and apartment buildings. Huge terraces, panoramic windows, a minimum of partitions inside the building, built-in furniture and functional layout are increasingly common in modern architecture.

Such techniques and modern building technologies have made it possible to radically change the perception of the house. Even in a small SMART apartment of 25 square meters there is no feeling of constraint. What can we say about a private house, which can be turned into a lounge area and a party for twenty or thirty people can be arrange there.

But not all houses are new. We have to live in dark rooms with tiny windows, all for the sake of energy efficiency and reducing heat loss. The lack of light and the effect of constraint negatively affects our emotional health and even well-being. The problem is not as difficult to solve as it seems. Aluminum sliding and folding doors can be installed without significant redevelopment and even the entire façade can be glazed if the building design permits.

Sliding windows and accordion-type folding doors are, first of all, about a lot of glass. But the heat loss will not necessarily be large. Rigid aluminum profile, multi-chamber thermal break along the perimeter and advanced double-glazed windows with thick glasses and chambers filled with inert gas. Manufacturers of profile systems are doing everything to achieve high energy efficiency. The range of Reynaers and Aluprof has systems that meet the “passive house” standard. In addition, the window or sliding doors can be equipped with a fabric sun shade. Comfortable microclimate in tropical heat and winter frosts.

Aluminum Sliding Doors and Accordion-Type Folding Doors: Make the Most of a Limitless Interior

All-glass partitions that can be removed in a few moments are an opportunity not only to change the perception of the interior. Such systems bring a lot of benefits and convenience. A bedroom that gradually turns into a terrace. Or the living room, which in a few moments turns into a lounge area combined with a backyard and pool area. It is both beautiful, comfortable, and has a positive effect on the emotional state of your family. You can admire your garden or beautiful landscaping while relaxing on the living room sofa. Or have a noisy party with friends without worrying that someone will not have enough space.

In winter, huge all-glass doors will allow natural light to better enter the house and allow you to enjoy natural views even when it’s too cold to spend time outside. Down with winter depression. In summer, a panoramic window that can be opened to the full width of the opening allows you to better ventilate the room and quickly let the evening coolness into the house after a hot day.

Inside the house, sliding and folding doors create a continuity of space, a sense of unity. They allow you to visually combine two rooms into one or separate them in an instant, if necessary. And make the most of the available space.

The last argument: sliding aluminum windows are not expensive if ordered from manufacturers from Eastern Europe. Here production is focused on private customers. And building standards comply with the norms of the United States and Canada. You can get acquainted with the types of profiles, learn more about delivery here:

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