The Advantages of Services for Doing Math Homework

One of the reasons for the overload of students in school is a large amount of homework. Modern students get a huge load at school. Many children are so tired that they can hardly do their homework at home on their own. In some cases, this results in children ignoring or partially completing the teacher’s tasks. As a result, the child has bad marks, he begins to lag behind the program.

Many children could complete their homework in 1 hour (maximum 2 hours). In practice, this issue for children and many parents is painful, because children with their parents can sit all evening doing homework. Parents ask themselves the question: how to meet the required 1-2 hours? Many attribute this to the fact that teachers are asking too much. Others say that teachers ask very difficult tasks.

Basic requirements for math homework:

  1. By their content homework can be associated with the material of one or more lessons. They can include (as additional tasks or as part of the main task) repetition of previously studied. It is necessary to adhere to the measure: if there is a sufficient amount of the main task, it is not advisable not to overload the students with additional tasks. They should be given when it is really important: in order to repeat the studied material, which is necessary for a clearer work in the study of new, or in connection with the preparation for verification work.
  2. As homework can be exercises such as complicated cheating with insertion (letters, parts of the word, the whole word), arrangement and explanation of missing punctuation marks, as well as different types of grammatical analysis.
  3. Reasonable alternation of different types of exercises trains all kinds of memory: visual (for example, when performing exercises for cheating), auditory (in the preparation of an oral story), logical (in the design of the scheme to the studied material), imaginative and emotional (in the oral description of the object, phenomenon).
  4. Not all types of exercises are equally valuable as homework in different specific conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important for the teacher to decide on the degree of effectiveness of each of them in this particular case. Abuse such tasks, which significantly increase the time of the lessons (make schemes, tables, prepare home essays, etc.) is unacceptable.

When doing math homework, you must comply with the following truth:

  • For students of 2 classes after 20 minutes of classes need a break for 5 – 10 minutes. During the break, it is good to do a few gymnastic exercises, special gymnastics for the eyes is useful.
  •  In the third grade, the duration of classes (without a break) can be increased to 30 – 35 minutes, and in the fourth – up to 40 – 45 minutes. But during this time there should be a sports minute for 2 – 3 minutes. During a large (10-minute) break, students in grades 3 – 4 can do a little homework (for example, water the flowers, wipe the dust).
  • In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the lesson, to prevent overload of children, it is necessary to regulate the rate and volume of homework:
  • The volume of homework on oral subjects should not exceed the volume of the studied material in the classroom;
  • The rate of homework on written subjects is not more than 30% of the amount of work performed in the classroom;
  • If necessary, a differentiated homework is given to consolidate the material, to perform it in the interests of the whole class team, to develop the individual abilities of students, as well as to develop the abilities of particularly gifted children, to recommend students, where necessary, in a number of subjects, the creative nature of homework;
  • Consider homework as one of the important directions in the development of skills of student self-education, development of cognitive interest and creative abilities of students.

Where and how to order a custom homework assignment?

Each student is required to set homework for self-development of the material covered. Each subject has its own characteristics, so the types of tasks can be very diverse: for mathematics – is the solution to problems.

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