The solid Lúcio

Lucimar Ferreira da Silva, commonly known as Lucio, is a Brazilian football legend. At this moment you can place online bet – 1xBet is available for wagering on other Brazilian footballers too. He is renowned for things like:


  • his exceptional defensive skills;
  • his great leadership qualities;
  • and his successful career at both the club and international levels.

Lucio was born on May 8, 1978, in Brasília, Brazil. His journey in football began at a young age, and he quickly rose through the ranks in Brazilian football. At 1xBet it is always possible to place an online bet on Brazilian football too.


He started his professional career with São Paulo FC, one of Brazil’s most prestigious clubs, in 1997. At São Paulo, Lucio established himself as a versatile and physically imposing defender known for his strong tackles, aerial prowess, and ability to read the game.

A São Paulo legend

During his time at São Paulo, Lucio enjoyed considerable success. Create an account at – try football betting online on great Brazilian football teams today.


He played a crucial role in the club’s Copa Libertadores triumphs in 1998 and 2005, as well as their Intercontinental Cup victory in 2005. His performances at the club earned him recognition as one of the best defenders in South America. It is always a great moment to try online football betting at 1xBet on South American football squads too.

Great success outside of Brazil

In 2004, Lucio made a high-profile move to Europe, joining Italian giants Inter Milan. At Inter, he became an integral part of their formidable defense and played a pivotal role in the club’s dominance in Serie A under coach Jose Mourinho. Besides football competitions, you can also visit if you wish to wager on cricket tournaments.


Lucio helped Inter secure numerous domestic titles, including Serie A championships and Coppa Italia trophies. However, his crowning achievement came in 2010 when Inter Milan won the UEFA Champions League, completing a historic treble that included the league and domestic cup.


He was also a stalwart in the Brazilian national team’s defense for many years. He made his international debut in 2000 and represented Brazil in several major tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup. His most significant achievement with the national team came in 2002 when Brazil won the World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Lucio’s performances at the heart of the defense were instrumental in Brazil’s success, and he earned a reputation as one of the world’s top defenders. The Brazilian national side is another great team that can be wagered at 1xBet platform today.

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