Things to Consider While Buying Mangalsutra Online

Things to Consider While Buying Mangalsutra Online

A traditional big fat Indian wedding is never complete without glam and jewellery! And often during our wedding, we tend to forget to focus upon the minute details while buying jewellery. While purchasing heavy jewellery for our wedding we tend to get carried away and end up buying a mangalsutra that’s heavy and glamorous! What we need to realize is that mangalsutra is one such jewellery which we prefer to wear on a daily basis, hence utmost care should be taken while selecting the mangalsutra for our wedding!

Tips for buying mangalsutra online:

1. Details: In most of the communities it’s the groom’s family which buys the mangalsutra, so make sure that you mention your specifications before they make the purchase. Because, at the end of the day it’s you who has to wear the mangalsutra, so it should be according to your preferences.

2. Time: While you decide to buy traditional mangalsutra online, make sure that you do it much before the wedding. Many times the design which you like on the screen might not be the perfect one when you actually receive it, so consider the buffer time you need to make any changes or order another one before the wedding.

3. Specifications: This is an important aspect, you need to consider all the vital information before actually placing the order. Please make a note of the metal type, purity, dimensions, length, stone details if any, etc. This will help you understand the actual size of the mangalsutra, as everything will be shown bigger in pictures.

4. Authenticity: We highly recommend that if you are planning to buy gold mangalsutra online then make sure that you buy it from a trusted and branded website. Check if the website offers a certificate of authenticity along with the jewellery. You must also check for the BIS hallmark on the jewellery.

5. SSL certification: Check for SSL certification of the website you prefer to buy mangalsutra from. If it is SSL certified then you can see that the URL bar shows ‘https’ and if not then ‘Http’.

6. Return and exchange policy: Check for the return and exchange policy of the website. While most of the genuine websites have a customer-friendly return and exchange policy but make sure you check and confirm.

7. Verify the contact details: Any genuine website will maintain transparency in all the contact information like address, contact number, email id, etc. Any website which just displays a contact number or email id and no address is a warning sign, and you must think twice before making the purchase.

8. Delivery: Check the delivery schedule before making the purchase in order to avoid last-minute hurry. Some of the websites even offer a trial at-home option, try to go with such websites to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Also, make a note of the approximate delivery date and most of the websites give a tracking ID so that you can keep tracking your courier.

Everything said and done, it’s the easiest option to buy jewellery online these days, you can avoid all the hassles and save a lot of time by not visiting the stores. Just keep the above points in mind while making the purchase and you’re done!

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