Was there a real Bruno Gaido?

Was there a real Bruno Gaido?

Yes, the sailor portrayed by heartthrob Nick Jonas in the new Hollywood film “Midway” really existed. And yes, Bruno Gaido was a hero, almost single-handedly saving his ship by shooting down a Japanese bomber before it could crash into the USS Enterprise.

Did Bruno Gaido get the Medal of Honor?

The medal, the letter stated, had been awarded to his son, Bruno Peter Gaido, 27, aviation machinist’s mate and one of Milwaukee’s heroes, who was reported missing in action June 17. The award has been made by the president. It was for Gaido’s second heroic action of the war.

Did Japanese throw prisoners overboard?

A postwar investigation found Japanese accounts that said he was interrogated and then thrown overboard with weights attached to his feet, drowning him.

Was Willie West a real person?

In early January 1941, Ens. West reported for temporary duty to the Advanced Carrier Training Group, US Pacific Fleet in San Diego for 2 months of carrier pilot specific advanced training. His training completed, Ensign West reported to Scouting Squadron Six about March 1941. He was known in the squadron as Willie.

How many died at Midway?

The United States lost one heavy aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown along with one destroyer. Aircraft Casualties included 320 Japanese planes and 150 U.S. planes. Human Casualties included approximately 3,000 sailors and airmen killed. A total of 317 United States sailors, airmen, and marines killed.

Did Nagumo go down with the ship?

Nagumo led Japan’s main carrier battle group, the Kido Butai, in the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Indian Ocean raid and the Battle of Midway. He committed suicide during the Battle of Saipan….Chūichi Nagumo.

Chūichi Nagumo 南雲 忠一
Years of service 1908–1944
Rank Admiral (posthumous)

How many Japanese were executed for war crimes?

In addition to the central Tokyo trial, various tribunals sitting outside Japan judged some 5,000 Japanese guilty of war crimes, of whom more than 900 were executed.

Is there still a base on Midway?

It was in operation from 1941 to 1993, and played an important role in trans-Pacific aviation during those years. Through its lifetime, the facility was variously designated as a Naval Air Station, a Naval Air Facility, and a naval base. It was finally closed on 1 October 1993.

Who was Bruno Gaido?

Bruno was the son of John Peter and Clementina Compagnio Gaido, 1914 immigrants from Italy via Germany. His six siblings were Gidorena Irene, Mary, Pete, Flora, Florence B., and Dominic Peter Gaido.

Where did Bruno join the Navy?

Bruno graduated from Lincoln high school in Milwaukee, WI in June 1934. He tried to enlist in the navy right after high school, however, his father said he was too young. Six years later he got the green light to enlist. Just prior to entering the naval service he worked as a filterer at a local brewery.

How did this man shoot down a WWII bomber?

The 25-year-old Milwaukee man swiveled the plane’s twin .30-caliber machine guns, took aim and shot down the bomber as it streaked toward the aircraft carrier.

How did Petty Officer Gaido kill the dive bomber?

Seeing the bomber under continuous but seemingly ineffective fire, Petty Officer Gaido leaped out of the catwalk and climbed into the back seat of a parked Dauntless Dive Bomber (SBD). He swiveled the plane’s twin 30 caliber machine gun and opened fire.

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