What age is the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole suitable for?

What age is the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole suitable for?

in the life of Adrian Mole as he navigates his early teenage years and documents the journey in his diary. Who is it aimed at? The book is best suited at those aged around twelve or older.

Does Adrian Mole end up with Pandora?

Pandora is beautiful (Adrian especially loves her ‘treacle-coloured’ hair) and intelligent, and in the first books, she and Adrian Mole are happy together. In the later books, Pandora resists Adrian’s advances in favour of physically and intellectually powerful men, although Adrian remains attached to her.

How many episodes does Adrian Mole have?

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole/Number of episodes

What happened to the actor who played Adrian Mole?

Sammarco gave up acting soon after the birth of his son and trained as a nurse at Northampton General Hospital. He is now a mental health nurse and in an interview reported by the Daily Mail, Gian told the reporter “I’ve moved on a lot since filming Adrian Mole.

Is Adrian Mole for kids?

The first book in the Adrian Mole series, this was a publishing sensation back in the 1980s, but still has the power to entertain pre-teen, teen and even adult readers, and make them double up with laughter.

Is Adrian Mole a children’s book?

The book was first published in hardcover by Methuen on 7 October 1982. Sequels include (in chronological order): The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole….The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾

First edition
Author Sue Townsend
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Methuen
Publication date 7 October 1982

Who was the first girlfriend of Adrian Mole?

Pandora Louise Elizabeth Braithwaite (born 1967) was Adrian Mole’s first girlfriend and the love of his life.

Is Adrian Mole a real person?

Adrian Albert Mole is the fictional protagonist in a series of books by English author Sue Townsend. The character first appeared (as Nigel) as part of a comic diary featured in a short-lived arts magazine (called simply magazine) published in Leicester in 1980, and shortly afterward in a BBC Radio 4 play in 1982.

Was Stephen Mangan in Adrian Mole?

Stephen Mangan played Mole in the 2001 TV adaption of Townsend’s The Cappuccino Years and worked closely with the writer on bringing him to life on screen. Now aged 48, he began reading the Secret Diary as a teenager.

Was Lulu in Adrian Mole?

Mole family Adrian Mole (Gian Sammarco) is the main character of the series and also serves as narrator. Walters was replaced by Lulu for series two. May ‘Grandma’ Mole (Beryl Reid) is George Mole’s mother and Adrian’s grandmother.

Is Adrian Mole real?

Who was Adrian Mole’s girlfriend?

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