What amp did Petrucci use?

What amp did Petrucci use?

“Correct, and out of the drawer we come into the Mesa/Boogie JP-2C Signature amplifier. Three-channel amp: clean and then channel two and channel three are virtually identical.

Does Petrucci use tube screamer?

Keeley Modded Ibanez TS9DX FLEXI 4×2 Tube Screamer A Keeley-modified Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Peal appears at 7:12 in this rundown video of John Petrucci’s rig.

What gauge string does John Petrucci use?

Ernie Ball strings
He uses Ernie Ball strings, a custom set of . 010-. 012-.

What Bridge does John Petrucci use?

Specifications, Schematics & More

Specifications John Petrucci 6 John Petrucci 7
Body Wood Basswood
Body Finish High gloss polyester
Bridge Custom John Petrucci Music Man® Piezo floating tremolo of matte black, hardened steel with Fishman Powerbridge piezo saddles
Scale Length 25-1/2″ (64.8 cm)

What cab does John Petrucci use?

Ever since he first heard MesaBoogie amps, it was pretty much a done deal. On any given day, you will find him with two Mark IVs hooked to a set of MesaBoogie 4◊12 cabs. These are of course loaded with Celestion vintage 30 speakers. Here is John Petrucci talking about the JP-2C.

What delay does John Petrucci use?

TC Electronic Flashback
The Delay he uses is the TC Electronic Flashback, which our Kris plays in the video together with Petrucci’s “Aurora” Toneprint.

Does Petrucci use compressor?

Effects are in no way less important to Petrucci’s sound. For several years he worked closely with TC Electronics and also plays their pedals live. To round off his clean and rhythm sound with a compressor to match is the TC Electronic Hyper Gravity.

What gauge of strings does John Petrucci use?

He uses Ernie Ball strings, a custom set of . 010-. 012-.

What Overdrive Does John Petrucci use?

Petrucci uses a small pedalboard with an overdrive that rotates out constantly. When we caught up with him he was using a Keeley-modified Ibanez TS-9. Mainstays on the board are a Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, MXR EVH Flanger, and Carl Martin Compressor Limiter.

What compressor does John Petrucci use?

In the video, we used The Dreamscape as a chorus, this is a chorus/flanger/vibrato in one, which Petrucci developed together with TC. The Boss CH-1 for example will also cater to your chorus needs. To round off his clean and rhythm sound with a compressor to match is the TC Electronic Hyper Gravity.

Where is Mesa/Boogie made?

He came to the one-and-only Mesa/Boogie factory in Petaluma, California on his day off to crank out some tones. Part One focuses on John’s philosophy on getting his clean sound in channel 1 as well as some crunch rhythm sounds in Channel 2.

What is the difference between the JP-2C and Mark V?

The VOLUME 1 is a bit more sensitive and critical, and here in the JP-2C it is preset internally (as we did in our MARK V) to its optimum setting for each Channel.

What kind of amplifiers does mark make?

This distinguished list includes the MARK IIC+™, Dual Rectifier®, TriAxis™, MARK IV™ and MARK V™ to name a few. Inspired by our long standing relationship with John Petrucci and more than 30 years of collaboration we are proud to introduce a MESA® first; The JP-2C™. Our first unlimited-build Signature Amplifier.

What is a mesa switch on a guitar amp?

One of the very first “modern amp” features MESA pioneered in the late ‘60s, this switch puts the center two power tubes in Standby Mode and allows you to operate at a reduced power setting. Channel 3 is created with soaring lead sounds in mind.

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