What are 4 important ingredients in pig feed?

What are 4 important ingredients in pig feed?

Good pig feed contains sufficient energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. Rice bran, broken rice, maize, soya-beans, cassava, vegetables and distillers’ residues are often used in pig feed. Distillery waste is much appreciated in traditional pig husbandry, especially for pigs.

What are the most common feed ingredients fed to hogs?

Protein Feeds Soybean meal is by far the most common feedstuff used to supply pigs with essential amino acids. Alternatives such as whole soybeans, field peas, alfalfa meal, canola meal, linseed meal, sunflower meal, whey, fish meal, plasma protein, and meat and bone meal exist.

How do I make pig finisher feed?

Feed formula 2 48kg of maize germ 12kg of pollard 12.5kg of soya cake 7.5kg of fishmeal 0.75kg of lime 1kg of bonemeal 125g of salt 150g of lysine 150g of feed premix 300g of zinc This pig feed ration has a Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) content of 22.3% and can be given to pigs at all stages of growth.

How do you mix molasses and pig feed?

To avoid the risk of diarrhoea the molasses fed pigs were restricted to 1.15 kg per day of molasses for the first 30 days, rising to 1.22 kg per day up to slaughter. The molasses was mixed with water in a ratio of 1:3 molasses to water, and offered in a single trough to the pigs 4 – 5 times per day.

How do you make a pig grower feed?

Cut 60-100kg of sweet potato vines and spread them dry in the sun for about 30 minutes. Chop the vines into tiny pieces and mix them with 10 kg of maize germ or pig growers mash. Sprinkle ½ kg of mineral salt and mix thoroughly. Put the mixture into an airtight 250-litre plastic tank.

How do I add lysine to my pig feed?

As a nutrient, lysine is the first limiting amino acid in a corn and soybean meal-based swine diet. Therefore, you can add synthetic lysine as an ingredient to the diet and take out a defined amount of soybean meal and lower the overall level of protein.

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