What are Fischer plugs used for?

What are Fischer plugs used for?

The fischer DuoPower is an intelligent 2-component plug with three product functions. The intelligent universal plug is suitable for fixing in all building materials….The duo of power and intelligence.

Drill diameter d0 6 [mm]
Min. drill hole depth h1 40 [mm]
Min. panel thickness dp 12.5 [mm]
Anchor length l 30 [mm]

Are Fischer wall plugs any good?

” Good product very strong. Used in extension build. ” ” As the fisher plugs are suitable for fixing to any material it saves carrying different option. ” Best plugs i have used yet.

Can I use raw plugs in plasterboard?

Rawl plugs for plasterboard are designed to expand or pull back from the other side of the hollow substrate when the screw is inserted to help distribute your hanging load. Having a variety of sizes and packs of plasterboard rawlplugs to hand will help with small and large projects both at home and the workplace.

Should screw be longer than Rawlplug?

The screw, and hole, should be longer than the plug! The screw should go all the way through the wallplug and split it open to force the tightest possible fit with the wall. For most DIY jobs a bog standard plastic Wallplug will suffice.

What are Brown Rawl plugs used for?

Brown wall plugs are made from plastic to be used in holes that are made by a 7mm drill bit. They can be used for a wide range of things in and around the home, suitable for use in concrete, brickwork, stone, blockwork and tiled walls. Ensure the plug fits snug into the hole before driving in the screw or hook.

Can you use Fischer Duopower on plasterboard?

Suitable for concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, plasterboard, hollow block etc.

How much weight can a GREY wall plug hold?

They can support loads of 20 to 50 kg. Once a hole has been drilled, you just need to insert the whole fixing into the hole (anchor and screw) and crimp the anchor. Crimping causes the wings to spread and pull back against the plasterboard in an umbrella-like shape.

What are the best wall plugs for plasterboard?

Best Plasterboard Fixings – The Top 7

  • Redidrive (self-drive) Use For: While they look like an evil alien probe, redidrives are sturdy and easy to fit.
  • Plastic Toggle.
  • Hollow Wall Anchor (or cavity fixing)
  • Butterfly Toggle.
  • Rubber Anchor Nut.
  • Universal RawlPlugs.
  • GRIPIT Fixings.

What’s the difference between red and brown wall plugs?

The yellow plugs shown in this example take 4mm gauge screws, the red ones take 5mm and the brown ones take 5.5mm – although wall plugs do come in lots of colours. Opt for wall plugs specifically designed for use in plasterboard if you are drilling into a stud (rather than masonry) wall.

Where can I buy Fischer Wall plugs?

Fischer Wall Plugs | Fixings & Fasteners | Screwfix.com Buy Fischer Wall Plugs at Screwfix.com. Available for most substrates. Strong holding power. High perfromance. Click & Collect in as little as 1 minute.

What can you do with Fischer?

fischer offers universal and specific plastic and metal fixing solutions for the various building materials and various applications. These are ideal for an easy and permanent fastening of light to medium-heavy loads in concrete, aerated concrete and panel building materials. Fixtures, wires, lighting and pipes are fixed indoors with the plugs.

What does the edge of the Fischer Universal Plug do?

The edge prevents it from slipping deeper during installation. In the version without edge, and larger anchorage depths, the fischer universal plug UX is suitable for push-through installation. The fischer universal plug UX is recommended, for example, for fixing lighting, curtain rails, lightweight cupboards and skirting.

What is seselected plug assortment?

Selected plug assortment for a secure and permanent fixing. Practical application solutions for the most frequent applications in the high-quality fischer FixTainer.

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