What are LLVM modules?

What are LLVM modules?

Modules represent the top-level structure in an LLVM program. An LLVM module is effectively a translation unit or a collection of translation units merged together.

How do I write my pass in LLVM?

Start out with:

  1. #include “llvm/Pass.h” #include “llvm/IR/Function.h” #include “llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h”
  2. using namespace llvm;
  3. namespace {
  4. struct Hello : public FunctionPass {
  5. static char ID; Hello() : FunctionPass(ID) {}
  6. bool runOnFunction(Function &F) override { errs() << “Hello: “; errs().
  7. char Hello::ID = 0;

What is LLVM IR code?

LLVM can provide the middle layers of a complete compiler system, taking intermediate representation (IR) code from a compiler and emitting an optimized IR. This new IR can then be converted and linked into machine-dependent assembly language code for a target platform.

How do you write an LLVM backend?

To write a compiler backend for LLVM that converts the LLVM IR to code for a specified target (machine or other language), follow these steps:

  1. Create a subclass of the TargetMachine class that describes characteristics of your target machine.
  2. Describe the register set of the target.

How big is LLVM?

An LLVM-only build will need about 1-3 GB of space. A full build of LLVM and Clang will need around 15-20 GB of disk space. The exact space requirements will vary by system. (It is so large because of all the debugging information and the fact that the libraries are statically linked into multiple tools).

What is LLVM context?

It (opaquely) owns and manages the core “global” data of LLVM’s core infrastructure, including the type and constant uniquing tables. Just think of it as a reference to the core LLVM “engine” that you should pass to the various methods that require a LLVMContext .

What is LLC in LLVM?

DESCRIPTION. The llc command compiles LLVM source inputs into assembly language for a specified architecture. The assembly language output can then be passed through a native assembler and linker to generate a native executable.


The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure uses SSA form for all scalar register values (everything except memory) in its primary code representation.

Who made LLVM?

Chris Lattner
One big reason is new tools for building languages—specifically, compilers. And chief among them is LLVM, an open source project originally developed by Swift language creator Chris Lattner as a research project at the University of Illinois.

What is LLVM MC?

The llvm-mc tool, described as the “LLVM machine code playground”, is used for testing components of a target’s MC implementation. The main task this tool fulfills is to assemble a .

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