What are proofreading marks called?

What are proofreading marks called?

Proofreading marks (also called proofreaders’ marks) are symbols and notations for correcting typeset pages. The proofreader places these marks in the margins and in corresponding lines of text. A slash separates marginal marks that appear on the same line.

What does TR mean in proofreading?

and Teachers’ Marks for Electronic TextTransformation Marks. * was chosen to represent more complex alterations. Think of being “starry-eyed” about achieving the ideal text.Ascii MarkDescription*Spelling or word needs correcting. Includes transposed letters.*trTranspose next two words.10

How do I check a box in Word?

Click the “Developer” tab, then click the “Legacy Tools” button in the Controls group. Click the check box control to insert a check box into the current document.

How do I type a check mark?

Insert a check mark symbolIn your file, place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.Open the Symbol dialog box: In the Font box, select Wingdings.In the Character code box at the bottom, enter: 252. Select the check mark you want. Once the check mark has been inserted, you may change its size or color.

How do you fill in a box in Word?

Click the shape or text box that you want to add a fill to. To add the same fill to multiple shapes or text boxes, click the first one, and then press and hold SHIFT while you click the others. To add or change a fill color, click the color that you want, or to choose no color, click No Fill.

How do you check a box in Word 2007?

Word 2007- Inserting Check boxesClick on the Office Button.Towards the very bottom select Word Options.Check Show Develop Tab in Ribbon.Click on the Develop Tab.In the Controls Section Click the Legacy Controls (Looks like a folder icon with a tools on it)There are two types of check boxes to choose from, Legacy Form and ActiveX Controls.

Where is developer in Word?

Show the developer tab in WordOn the File tab, go to Options > Customize Ribbon.Under Customize the Ribbon and under Main Tabs, select the Developer check box.

How do I make a box in Word 2007?

To insert a text box:Select the Insert tab on the Ribbon.Click the Text Box command in the Text group.Select a Built-in text box or Draw Text Box from the menu.If you select Built-in text box, left-click the text box you want to use, and it will appear in the document.

How do you move text in Microsoft Word 2007?

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What is text box in MS Word 2007?

A text box is a special type of shape designed to place text in your Word 2007 document without regard to the normal page margins. The most common use of text boxes is to add bits of text to drawings.

How do you move a text box in Word 2007?

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Why does my text box keep moving in Word?

The Position tab of the Layout dialog box. Make sure the Move Object With Text check box is selected. Make sure the Lock Anchor check box is selected. Make sure the Allow Overlap check box is selected.

How do you move words in Microsoft Word?

Move Text Around Your Word Document Click and drag the selected text where you want it. As you drag the text, you’ll see a dotted vertical insertion point that tells you where your text will go when you release the mouse.

How do I shrink a text box in Word?

To resize a shape, text box, or WordArt, under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, enter the measurements that you want into the Height and Width boxes.

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