What are some causes and symptoms of hypothalamic dysfunction?

What are some causes and symptoms of hypothalamic dysfunction?

Hypothalamic dysfunction may cause the following problems: Too little or too much growth in children. Early or late puberty. Headache….What is the function of the hypothalamus?

  • Growth.
  • Weight.
  • Body temperature.
  • Appetite.
  • Salt and water balance.
  • Sex drive.
  • Childbirth.
  • Production of breast milk.

What can cause damage to the hypothalamus?

What are the causes of hypothalamic dysfunction?

  • Surgery.
  • Head injury.
  • Tumors.
  • Radiation.
  • Anorexia (eating disorders)
  • Extreme weight loss.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Aneurysm (a weak area in the wall of the blood vessel that causes its bulging)

What disorders are associated with the hypothalamus?

Symptoms of hypothalamic dysfunction include somnolence, temperature dysregulation with hyperhidrosis, endocrinopathies including diabetes insipidus and hypothyroidism, narcolepsy or somnolence, weight gain, and loss of libido.

How do you know if your hypothalamus is damaged?

Symptoms may include fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, weight loss, and lack of interest in activities.

What doctor treats hypothalamus?

An endocrinologist specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of hormone problems. Generally, most conditions affecting the pituitary gland and hypothalamus can be treated. If the cause is a tumour, surgery will be considered. If not, it is possible to treat a deficiency in hormones with hormone supplements.

How do you treat hypothalamus?

Treatment for Hypothalamus Disorders Treatments can include: Surgery or radiation for tumors. Hormone medication for hormone problems like hypothyroidism. Appetite suppressing medications for overeating problems.

What drugs affect the hypothalamus?


  • Antidepressive Agents.
  • Antipsychotic Agents.
  • Psychotropic Drugs.
  • Benzodiazepines.
  • Adrenocorticotropic Hormone.
  • Lithium. Hydrocortisone.

Can your hypothalamus be reset?

A diet containing foods good for your body will stop the hypothalamus from sending signals to store fat. Eat what is recommended for an average human. This will typically include a balance of nutrients, including healthy fats, and a minimum of certain types of sugars. The way to reset hypothalamus is healthy eating.

Can hypothalamus be repaired?

Instead, treatment for hypothalamus damage involves replacing the lost hormones. Therefore, it is critical for all brain injury patients to have their hormone function tested by an endocrinologist. Some hormones your doctor might treat you with include: Vasopressin, which helps the body absorb more water.

What is hypothalamic suppression?

HPA axis suppression resulting in reduced cortisol response may cause an impaired stress response and an inadequate host defence against infection, which remain a cause of morbidity and death. Suppression commonly occurs in the first days after cessation of glucocorticoid therapy, but the exact duration is unclear.

Can antidepressants damage hypothalamus?

Our findings may infer that antidepressant treatment can alter the functional connectivity of the hypothalamus resting brain to achieve its therapeutic effect.

How do you keep your hypothalamus healthy?

Eat Healthy Fats Establishing hormonal balance in your body has a direct positive effect on the function of your hypothalamus as well as your pituitary gland. One of the best ways to balance your hormones through your diet is to regularly consume healthy fats.

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