What are some good modern metal bands?

What are some good modern metal bands?

11 Modern Metal Bands That Are Destined for Classic Rock…

  • Avenged Sevenfold.
  • Baroness.
  • Down.
  • Dream Theater.
  • Ghost.
  • Lamb of God.
  • Mastodon.
  • Monster Magnet.

What is the most popular metal band 2020?

  1. Slipknot.
  2. Metallica.
  3. Tool.
  4. Slayer.
  5. Lamb of God.
  6. Ghost.
  7. Pantera.
  8. Rammstein.

What are mainstream metal bands?

Alright… have at it!

  1. Metallica.
  2. Slipknot.
  3. Slayer.
  4. Megadeth.
  5. Ghost.
  6. Guns N’ Roses.
  7. Iron Maiden.
  8. Mastodon.

What band makes most money?

10 Highest Paid Rock + Metal Bands of 2020 (From Billboard’s Top Paid Artists 2020)

  • The Beatles ($12.9 million)
  • AC/DC ($10.1 million)
  • Metallica ($9 million)
  • Pink Floyd ($8.8 million)
  • Tool ($6.17 million)
  • KISS ($6 million)
  • The Rolling Stones ($5.69 million) Streaming: $2.97M.
  • Aerosmith ($5.35 million) Streaming: $1.33M.

What are the best current metal bands?

ASAGRAUM. If you’re looking for some new music to help you feel closer to Satan,Asagraum have you covered.

  • DAWN RAY’D. Black metal’s history with Nazism and skinheads is deeply rooted,but luckily there’s a pack of bands within the genre fighting against this movement.
  • Who are the best speed metal bands?


  • Judas Priest.
  • Megadeth.
  • Helloween.
  • Running Wild.
  • Blind Guardian.
  • Testament.
  • Overkill.
  • Exodus.
  • Slayer.
  • What is the best death metal band?

    Over and over, no matter where you go, Death will make their merry way to the top of death metal ‘best of’ lists. Death is the top-selling death metal band in the world and is only topped by Cannibal Corpse in the US.

    What is the most popular heavy metal band?

    Metallica is one of the most popular best metal band of all time. The members are James Hetfield , Lars Ulrich , Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo . Plays heavy metal and thrash metal genres. Metallica became one of the popular metal bands in the 80s to the present day.

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