What are the 12 groups on the periodic table?

What are the 12 groups on the periodic table?

Periodic Table Groups

  • Group 1: Alkali Metals. Alkali metals are soft, ductile, and good conductors of electricity and heat.
  • Group 2: Alkaline Earth Metals.
  • Group 3 To Group 12: Transition Metals.
  • Group 13: Boron Group.
  • Group 14: Carbon Group.
  • Group 15: Pnictogens.
  • Group 16: Chalcogens.
  • Group 17: Halogens.

What are the 7 group names on the periodic table?

Group 7A (or VIIA) of the periodic table are the halogens: fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At).

What are the 10 groups of the periodic table?

Terms in this set (10)

  • Alkali metals. Alkali metals Group 1: very reactive metals which do not occur freely in nature.
  • Alkaline Earth Metals. Group 2: next reactive metals, found in earths crust but not in elemental form.
  • Transition Elements.
  • Lanthanides and Actinides.
  • Boron Group.
  • Carbon Group.
  • Nitrogen Group.
  • Oxygen Group.

What is the name of group number 2 Quizizz?

Some of the major groups include Group 1: alkali metals; Group 2: alkaline earth metals; Group 17: halogens; and Group 18: noble gases.

What are the 8 families of the periodic table?

These families are alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, post-transition metals, metalloids, halogens, noble metals, and noble gases. Many of these families belong to a single group on the periodic table.

What are the 11 families of the periodic table?

What are the 18 groups in periodic table?

Groups are numbered 1–18 from left to right. The elements in group 1 are known as the alkali metals; those in group 2 are the alkaline earth metals; those in 15 are the pnictogens; those in 16 are the chalcogens; those in 17 are the halogens; and those in 18 are the noble gases.

What is the biggest group on the periodic table?

Group 1
Group 1(H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr) is the longest group in the periodic table. The first group is called the alkali metals group.

What is Group 18 called in the periodic table?

noble gas
noble gas, any of the seven chemical elements that make up Group 18 (VIIIa) of the periodic table. The elements are helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), radon (Rn), and oganesson (Og).

Which is the 18th group of periodic table?

The Elements, sorted by Atomic Number

Atomic Number Symbol Name
18 Ar Argon
19 K Potassium
20 Ca Calcium
21 Sc Scandium

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