What are the best robes in Kotor 2?

What are the best robes in Kotor 2?

For me the best armor for Jedi Guardian is Jal Shey Mentor robe/armor, it needs = Armor Proficiency – Light , does not restrict Jedi force powers and its fully upgradable. I usually put +30% Energy Immunity and 3str, 3 cons upg….Robes Kotor 2.

Robe Code
Nomi’s Robe a_robe_30

What are Jedi robes based on?

7 Jedi Robes Were Inspired By Monks Traditionally, the Jedi robes were inspired by real life monks. However, within the galaxy far far away, those same robes actually resonate a similar feeling. Monks exist in some form in the Star Wars universe, and they inspired the Jedi Order’s famous gear.

Does Rey wear a Jedi robe?

In The Last Jedi, Rey donned two separate costumes. One is a grey outfit gifted to her by the Resistance that is reminiscent of Han Solo’s vest, and the other is a Jedi’s tunic in darker colors that Rey usually wears. But in The Rise of Skywalker, Rey’s hair is back up in a more elaborate version of her three buns.

Why did Anakin wear black robes?

He wasn’t the first Jedi to do so, nor was he the last, and there is nothing inherently evil about a colour. And as a movie making decision, Anakin was made to wear black robes to resemble Luke when he became a Jedi knight and donned a black Jedi uniform.

Where can I find Revan’s robes in Kotor?

Darth Revan’s Robesedit

World Area Source
Star Forge Deck 2 Replicator Bin

Will there be Jedi robes in fallen order?

There’s no such option in Jedi Fallen Order, which is a shame. Until then, though, fans have to live with the Jedi Fallen Order outfits they have available now, and while it doesn’t put too much of a damper on the game, there’s plenty more that would’ve been cool to see.

Why does Aayla Secura dress like that?

They were practical and wore whatever allowed them to do their job effectively. In massed combat they wore armor, in many situations they wore flowing robes that allowed freedom of movement, and Aayla preferred to wear tight-fitting clothing that gave her the flexibility she wanted and was comfortable.

Can Jedi wear black?

Obi-Wan Kenobi wears his Jedi apparel. Jedi apparel was the term given to the attire of members of both the old and New Jedi Orders. The attire usually was made in shades of brown or sometimes black, with a utility belt for various purposes, but also as a place on which to clip a lightsaber.

Is Kotor 3 possible?

The disparity in graphics, gameplay, and potentially lore between the middle game and the bookends surrounding it makes it incredibly unlikely that the KOTOR 3 that has long been on the wishlists of many fans for 17 years will ever be released.

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