What are the constrictor muscles of the pharynx?

What are the constrictor muscles of the pharynx?

The three pharyngeal constrictor muscles make up the outer layer of the wall while the inner layer is comprised of paired muscles. The superior, middle and inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles form a muscular sleeve that has a strong internal lining on its fascial aspect known as the pharyngobasilar fascia.

What is the role of the constrictor muscles of the pharynx?

By sequential contraction, the pharyngeal constrictor muscles create a peristaltic wave that facilitates passage of the food bolus inferiorly, from the pharynx towards the esophagus, during the act of deglutition.

What is inferior constrictor muscle?

The inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle is one of the pharyngeal constrictor muscles. The muscle is described as having two main parts, thyropharyngeus and cricopharyngeus, which originate from the oblique line of the thyroid lamina and lateral aspect of the cricoid cartilage respectively.

What structure S pass through the gap between the middle and inferior constrictor muscles?

Between the Middle and Inferior Constrictors is the third gap. The structures passing through this gap include Superior laryngeal vessels and the internal branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve.

What is middle constrictor muscle?

The middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle is one of the pharyngeal constrictor muscles. Its primary action is constricting of the pharynx (in coordination with the superior pharyngeal constrictor and the inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles) to deliver a bolus of food into the esophagus.

What are the superior constrictor muscles?

The superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle is a muscle in the pharynx. It is the highest located muscle of the three pharyngeal constrictors. The muscle is divided into four parts: A pterygopharyngeal, buccopharyngeal, mylopharyngeal and a glossopharyngeal part.

What is the inferior constrictor?

The inferior pharyngeal constrictor is a muscle of the pharynx that, together with the superior and middle pharyngeal constrictors, forms the posterior and lateral walls of laryngopharynx. In addition, the inferior part of this muscle forms the upper esophageal sphincter.

What are the inferior constrictor muscles?

The inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle is a skeletal muscle of the neck. It is the thickest of the three outer pharyngeal muscles. It arises from the sides of the cricoid cartilage and the thyroid cartilage. It is supplied by the vagus nerve (CN X).

What is Thyropharyngeus muscle?

The thyropharyngeus muscle originates from the thyroid cartilage and inserts into the median pharyngeal raphe. The cricopharyngeus muscle originates from the cricoid cartilage and blends into the esophageal muscle. When the inferior constrictors contract, they constrict the lower portion of the pharynx.

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